Nanotechnologies and modern materials

Raven ARMS is a registered trademark of the Composer company, which has many years of experience working with composite materials and technologies for their processing. The main activity of the company is the development and production of boxes for all types of portable small arms, components and accessories to it. Stocks are made of carbon prepregs. The result is a rigid and lightweight monocoque construction.

Stocks of our production have successfully passed tests in the CCIB SOO to determine the strength of the structure by repeatedly falling on a concrete slab at temperatures from -50?From up to +50?C. For military use, the stocks were tested according to OTT 7.2.7-85, for civilian use - according to OST 3-4728-80.

A ten-year warranty is provided for all our products. In case of cracking, delamination, warping or destruction of the structure due to the fault of the manufacturer, we are ready to repair, replace the product or return the money spent on its purchase.

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