The future
is made here

Special Economic Zone Technopolis Moscow is a key driver of new industrial Moscow.
It is dedicated to the development of innovative ecosystem of the city by creating favorable conditions for localization of hitech companies.
  • 2%
    corporate profit tax (up to 2021, after that 3% up to 2028)
  • 0%
    property tax (for 10 years after registration)
  • 28%
    social secutiry fees (until the end of 2019)
  • 0%
    transport tax (10 years after registration)
  • 0%
    import duty on equipment and raw materials

Priority Industries

Microelectronics, Optics and Electronic Equipment
Energy Efficiency
Medtech, Medical Devices, and Life Science
Advanced Materials, Surfaces and Nanotech
Advanced Manufacturing

Tenant feedback

Chairman of PRIVODNAYA TECHNIKA Industrial Group
Our partnership with Technopolis is an important part of the company's development and optimization
Technopolis Moscow has become an integration hub for our Industrial Group, providing a high level of logistic, service and informational support. We actively use the efficient business tool kit of the site and hold regular events in the Congress center. We are currently planning to further integrate into the business structure of Technopolis, acquire the tenant status and increase our industrial space.
Valeriy Makovetsky
NexTouch Commercial Director
Preferences increased company's economic performance
The preferences we aquired in SEZ Technopolis Moscow dramatically increased our economic performance by allowing us to allocate additional financing into manufacturing and R&D. Moreover, SEZ tenant status improved our company's image in professional circles and granted access to various means of financial and marketing support.
Andrey Anikin
Angstrem-T CEO
International market access
Our decision to join SEZ was brought about by the need to implement scientific projects of great complexity at maximum economic performance. Due to preferences for SEZ tenats we were able to use the surplus funds for our development. Now we are actively joining international markets.
Yuriy Romanets
Tenant status allowed us to broaden the variety of products
SEZ tenant status allowed us to significantly broaden the variety of computing device and information protection systems that we develop and produce by utilizing SEZ infrastructure and surplus funds from tax preferences.
JSC Mapper CEO
Technopolis Moscow is a sensible compromise between building a factory and leasing clean rooms
JSC Mapper produces MEMS-based microelements for microoptics for the Dutch parent company Mapper Lithography. Technopolis Moscow is a perfect choice for localizing a MEMS factory, offering preferable leasing terms, transport accessibility and the convenience of an own customs post.
Oleg Ponfilyonok
Copter Express CEO
We were able to considerably save on the rent compared to our previous office
We were able to get twice as big office space at a cheaper price which allowed us to finally create a DRONE SPACE co-working to develop drones with other teams. What we and our co-working partners have now is 24/7 access to the premises, a huge flying space for the drones both inside and outside, and perfect opportunities for cooperation and education. I would like to pay special tribute to Technopolis PR service that provides us access to all significant technological events in Moscow and allows us to present our new products to the press.