Resident since 2019

IVA Technologies

Validity period
20 years
A high-tech Russian company producing innovative IT solutions for building a modern digital infrastructure (part of the Hi-Tech Group).
The company has consolidated research and technological competencies in the fields of microelectronics, applied mathematics, radiophysics and radio engineering, combining the efforts of the best developers, engineers and researchers.
The flagship solution of IVA Technologies is the IVA MCU unified communications platform, designed for full-fledged secure interaction via the VCS and the IVA Connect messenger.

Other developments of IVA Technologies include IVA IP phones, IVA CV automatic face recognition system, IVA S/W wireless underwater communication mobile radio complex, which has no analogues in the world, as well as the IVA TPU tensor processor for accelerated calculation of neural networks.

IVA Technologies solutions are based on a domestic multicomponent database and comply with the requirements of the FSTEC of Russia, the Ministry of Communications and other regulatory authorities.

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