Nanotechnology center of composites

Nanotechnology Center for Composites (NCC) is a joint venture of the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs (Rusnano) and DowAksa Advanced Composites Holdings BV (Dow Chemical). Today the company is a leading player in the market of composites, carrying out a full cycle of development and production of products from polymer composite materials: design and stress calculations, material development, tooling, prototyping, testing and certification. NCC produces a wide range of products: Carbon Wrap structural reinforcement system, automotive components, pultruded profiles, drone parts and fuselages, mobile road slabs, fiberglass handrails and access systems, sprinklers and water traps for cooling towers, drainage trays, tactile indicators, chemically resistant pipes, and a wide range of fiberglass products and CFRP produced on individual basis.


Prepreg-ACM is a portfolio company of Rosnano founded in 2009. Prepreg-ACM manufactures industrial fabrics of various weaving types, non-crimp fabrics and prepregs on the basis of carbon fiber for various industries: aircraft, shipbuilding, automotive, building and construction and sports equipment.


The first Russian facility for serial production of bimetallic aluminum and copper conductors with its own research lab.


UMATEX Group (brand name of NPK Khimprominzhiniring, JSC) is a Promising Materials and Technologies division of ROSATOM State Corporation. It is a managing company set up to create a market of composite materials in Russia. Comprises an R&D centre and enterprises manufacturing high-strength and high-modulus carbon fiber, prepregs and CF fabrics.


RavenArms is a brand name for products manufactured by a subsidiary of Composite Holding Company. Raven Arms focuses on development and manufacturing of composite gunstocks for all types of portable firearms. Its carbon gunstocks were successfully tested for structural strength by the Central Engineering and Research Bureau for Sport and Hunting Weapons by means of multiple drops onto a concrete slab at temperatures between -50°С and +50°С. The military gunstocks are tested in accordance with OTT 7.2.7- 85, and civilian ones — in accordance with OST 3-4728-80 standard. The company provides a 20-year warranty for all products.