The company carries out applied scientific research and experimental development aimed at achieving the goals of environmental, energy-related and special technological application of gas-discharge plasma. Manufactures units for plasma gasification of carbon-containing waste with generation of heat and electric energy, units for disposal of medical and hazardous chemical waste, plasma pyrolysis units with production of fuels (gasoline and diesel fractions), units for plasma hydro-cracking of heavy oil and tar, industrial plasma systems with steam arc heated plasma torches, equipment for plasma thermal processing of materials (for brazing, welding and cutting, surface heat treatment and plasma coating). Performs engineering design, development of projects of industrial processes and production operations, pre-commissioning activities relating to the manufactured equipment.


A company specializing in manufacturing racing cars including those of Formula grade, and operation of motor racing infrastructure. Its developments are based on 19 years’ experience of successful participation in major competitions in Russia and beyond. They are used not only in the car industry, but also in aviation, ship building, medicine, and military defence.
Following the import substitution program, the company prioritizes cooperation with Russian manufacturers and utilization of the intellectual potential of domestic professionals, including graduates of the leading universities in Moscow.


A manufacturer of fork-lift loaders and mini loaders. The company is currently expecting a confirmation of architectural and urban planning solution from Moscow Committee of architecture and urban development. Greengo production facility will provide 73 new vacancies for highly qualified specialists.

Elis clean room

ELIS clean room offers professional laundry services to prepare clean-room garment for cleanrooms. Clean laundry services are intended for the companies involved in the field of high technology development, drug manufacturing, medical and microelectronics devices manufacturing. ELIS clean laundry is located in Moscow but provides its service in several Russian regions. The company’s services include leasing and cleaning of clean-room garment and accessories, clean room cleaning system, logistic organization and documentary securing.

Technovotum Scientific and Production Enterprises

LLC Technovotum Ltd. specializes in the development and production of automated systems and portative nondestructive testing (NDT) equipment Roboscop, DAMI-C, UD4-TM Tomographic, Fazar, Chameleon 32+ to test complex industrial objects using both general purpose and specific testing techniques.
The company’s equipment has a unique feature - it combines various NDT techniques in one device platform: phased-array, ultrasonic, eddy-current, impedance, EMA and etc. testing methods are available in one device. High accuracy of each method is secured.
The company provides metrological support of non-destructive testing equipment and produces calibration blocks that fully meet the standards used by industrial and transport companies.
The company has its own production facilities, provides professional training to industry professionals and metrological services for verification and calibration of equipment.


This research and production company specializes in development and manufacturing of appliances for the chemical, petrochemical and oil processing industries as well as in a wide range of chemical and technological processes in various industries. VDK develops and manufactures equipment for reactant infeeding and dosing and for continuous-flow systems for component homogenization and dispersion systems. S-Mix static mixers developed by the company’s professionals are successfully used at flagship industrial facilities across Russia and in the Customs Union countries. The company has unique proprietary methods of calculation and manufacturing processes for its equipment. The company’s technical solutions successfully compete with the world’s leading counterparts, while some of them have no direct competition abroad and are protected with relevant patents.

ESTO-Integration company

The ESTO-Integration company was founded in 2014 and is a subsidiary company of ESTO LTD., specializing in mass production and maintenance of high-quality process equipment.
The structure of the company includes 3 research and production centers in the following areas: development and manufacture of laser, vacuum and assembly equipment.
There are also general departments - an integrated technology center, a financial and economic division, a marketing department, a service center and a number of general production sites of the plant of technological equipment.

State Center for Standardization, Certification and Metrological Support in Electromagnetic Compatibility (GTsMO EMS)

The Center performs tests to verify compliance with national and international standards for hi-tech products in terms of electromagnetic compatibility, develops workstations, and conducts testing for electromagnetic compatibility of equipment


The company designs and manufactures innovative weapon systems and bullets for sports, hunting and defence, performs research and develops new solutions and samples for weapon tuning, high-quality practice runs with a detailed analysis of the operation of all weapon components with provision of the required ballistic features, and conducts high-standard repairs of weapons of various systems


The company successful develops and manufactures a wide range of educational equipment for natural sciences experiments. Scientific Education has 25 years of working experience. Methodical materials and digital learning equipment help to actualize the tasks of Federal educational standards of new generation.


The TVK Company develops, creates and implements water, air, and surfaces disinfection systems using modern ultraviolet technologies. The company specialists carry out large research work in development and application of ultraviolet technologies for different industries. A considerable amount of research is aimed at increasing the efficiency of the current UV system.


NSH RUS, LLC is a joint venture of the NSH Group and created to implement promising projects in the field of re-equipment of Russian industrial enterprises with modern equipment and technologies of the machine tool NSH Group, providing service support, engineering support for complex projects and key customers.
At the present time NSH RUS is implementing a project for the construction of machine building enterprise in the territory of the Zelenograd special economic zone for the production of the precision machining centers, analogues of which in the domestic Russian market of machine-tool construction yet does not exist. The localization of the production of machining centers will be carried out in accordance with the MINPROMTORG Plan on import substitution in the machine tool industry.