Resident since 2019

Scientific Entertainment
Energy efficient technologies

Validity period
19 years
+7 495 642 00 62
Methodological materials and digital educational equipment, which the company develops and manufactures, help to implement the tasks of the National Project of the Russian Federation "Education" 2018-2024 and the new generation of the Federal State Educational Standard. Children not only think about choosing a sought-after profession, but also receive an incentive to develop the knowledge and skills necessary for project work.

The company "Scientific Entertainment" has 35 patents for developments. The company's digital equipment is used by laboratories in chemistry and physics of leading Russian universities: MEPhI, MIPT, MVTU, MSU, MIIT, MEI, LETI, MGIU. The company's products, which can already be seen in educational institutions in Russia, include robotic complexes (“Weather Station”, “Smart Greenhouse”, etc.), laboratory installations for studying physical phenomena (“Study of the isothermal process”, “Study of the Earth's magnetic field" and many others). She became a resident of the Technopolis Moscow SEZ in 2019.

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