Resident since 2020

High-tech production

Validity period
20 years
Piezus is an innovative Russian company specializing in the development, production and supply of pressure sensors, pressure switches and submersible level meters.

Using modern technologies and the advantages of a domestic manufacturer, Piezus LLC offers consumers a wide range of products that allow them to cope with almost any task in the field of pressure and level measurement. The company's product range includes both general industrial and specialized industry solutions for the oil and gas industry, food and processing industry, air conditioning and ventilation, shipbuilding, aircraft construction and Russian Railways.

The narrow specialization of Piezus LLC allows you to focus on the most advanced technologies for the development and production of pressure and level measuring devices. The company's products are manufactured on a modern element base, pressure sensors and hydrostatic level gauges have a 5-year verification interval, confirming the high quality and reliability of the products of Piezus LLC.
New developments, continuous improvement of existing products, qualified service and technical support are the main priorities of Piezus LLC.

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