Resident since 2014

Medical technology, equipment and biopharma

Validity period
20 years
+7 499 995 25 47

ELTA was founded in 1993: a year later, the company received a patent for the first glucose meter and test strips in Russia, and 5 years later it participated in public procurement for the first time. In 2018, 25 years after its foundation, the company "ELTA" becomes a resident of the SEZ "Technopolis Moscow" and begins construction of its own plant in Alabushevo.

The company "ELTA" is the first developer and manufacturer of rapid blood glucose measurement tools in the Russian Federation. The company's products are exclusively its own original designs. Most of the technological stages of production, starting with the casting of plastic parts and ending with the original production of control materials, the company implements on its own at its production facilities. The company's products include a series of glucose meters “Satellite” and test strips for them, as well as a set of “Glycohemotest”.

In addition to the development and production of medical equipment, the company is also engaged in pharmaceutical products, optical elements, integrated circuits, composite materials and precision machining.

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