Resident since 2011

Microelectronics, electronic equipment and optics

Validity period
15 years
+7 499 720 69 44
Zelenograd Nanotechnology Center is one of the leading innovative companies engaged in research and development in the field of nano- and microsystem technology. Zelenograd Nanotechnology Center provides a full cycle of development and production of microcircuits and sensors of physical quantities for industrial applications, provides a range of technological services for design centers, manufacturers of electronic equipment.

The priority direction of the company's activity is the development of modern production technologies and the development of promising high-tech products together with leading Russian scientific organizations and manufacturing enterprises. The specialization of JSC "ZNTC" is the development and production of sensors and sensors of physical and chemical quantities for industrial automation systems, aviation and rocket and space instrumentation, energy and oil and gas industry, the development of intelligent control systems.

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