Resident since 2007


Validity period
47 years
7 495 276 50 70
The GreenBushDC data center was built and put into operation in 2018. The GreenBushDC data processing center is one of the largest high—reliability commercial data centers in Russia with a total capacity of 21 MVA and is designed to operate 2,280 racks.

The GreenBushDC data center is an eco—friendly data center with an extensive data transmission system. In 2007, having received the status of a resident of a Special Economic Zone of a technical and innovation type on the territory of Moscow, the company began to work out the concept of architecture and engineering infrastructure of the data center - it was important to provide opportunities for deep modernization of technological and architectural solutions to meet the requirements of customers. In parallel with the construction, the data center optimized the placement of technological equipment and received a Detailed Design certificate from the Uptime Institute for TIER III compliance.

Today, while maintaining the status of "green", GreenBushDC is among the TOP 15 commercial data centers in Russia. Now the data center supports the work of more than two hundred companies.

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