Resident since 2022

Elektromobili Manufekchuring Rus
High-tech production

The company is preparing to launch a plant for serial production of the first Russian EVM PRO electric truck. The resident will localize the production of onboard electronics and electric motors. The company has implemented about 30 of its own innovative solutions for the production of power electronics, control systems and battery design.

The capacity of the plant is 1000 vehicles per year.

EVM PRO is based on the chassis of UAZ Profi, has a payload up to 1 ton and can drive up to 300 kilometers on one battery charge. It is designed for intracity logistics. EVM PRO is produced in three body variants: goods van, euro van, isothermal van and refrigerator (truck refrigerator). Also possible to produce according to customer's requirements.

In August 2022, Electromobiles Manufacturing Rus signed a special investment contract with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. The terms imply that the investment project must be implemented within four years and six months.

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