Microelectronics, electronic equipment and optics

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Crocus Nanoelectronics is a joint venture between Rusnano and Crocus Technology, established in 2011. The company implements a full cycle of technological operations at the final stage of production (back end of line, BEOL) of memory integrated circuits on 300mm plates with design standards of 90/55nm.

Crocus Nanoelectronics is a technological leader in the production of Magnetoresistive Random Access Memory (MRAM). The product portfolio of our company includes RFID and microcontrollers, bio-electronic chips, MRAM memory chips and embedded memory, magnetic sensors for industrial electronics, communication equipment, automotive and consumer electronics.

Crocus Nanoelectronics has embedded MRAM memory modules optimized for use in smart cards (SIM cards, bank cards, etc.) and radio frequency identification (RFID) chips.
Our company is open for cooperation with scientific and industrial partners interested in using the technological potential of the production line on 300mm plates.

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