At the end of 2019, the special economic zone Technopolis Moscow entered the top three among 26 special economic zones of Russia in terms of the number of new jobs, said Vladimir Efimov, Deputy Mayor of Moscow for economic policy and property and land relations.

The relevant data was published by the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia in the report on the results of the work of special economic zones for 2019.

“For residents of SEZ Technopolis Moscow, there are a number of preferences and favorable conditions created to attract qualified personnel. In 2019, 814 new jobs were created by residents and companies of Technopolis, which is 464 more than the plan for the development of enterprises, and accounts for 19% of the total number of new jobs created by all technology-innovative special economic zones of Russia. As a result, SEZ Technopolis Moscow took the second place among 26 special economic zones of Russia”, said the Vice-Mayor.

The Vice-Mayor added that during the entire period of work since 2006, almost 6.5 thousand new jobs have been created in Technopolis - this is the best result among the Russian technology- innovative SEZs. 

At the end of 2019, Technopolis also entered the top three in terms of taxes paid by its residents, added Alexander Prokhorov, Head of the Department of investment and industrial policy of Moscow.

“Every year more and more residents are developing their production in the capital's special economic zone. Over the past year, they paid 3.5 billion Rubles in taxes, taking the third place in this indicator according to the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia. The total amount of taxes paid since 2006 amounted to 7.1 billion Rubles, investments - 28.6 billion Rubles. The revenue of SEZ residents in 2019 amounted to more than 22 billion Rubles, the cumulative total - 80.3 billion Rubles ", - Alexander Prokhorov summed up the economic activity of SEZ Technopolis Moscow.

Technopolis plans to increase its economic potential - by the end of 2020, another 19 thousand square meters of production space will be available for rent and localization of technology-innovative and production enterprises, added Gennady Degtev, CEO of SEZ Technopolis Moscow.

“Now in Alabushevo more than five thousand square meters of office space in the administrative and business center are already available for rent at a price of 5 thousand Rubles per square meter. And at the end of the year - another 19 thousand square meters of brownfield-type site will become available at a rate of 7 thousand rubles per square meter. We continue work on new infrastructure and attract investors", said Gennady Degtev.

The analysis of the effectiveness of the work of special economic zones is carried out by the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia annually. SEZ Technopolis Moscow belongs to the technical and innovative type, which according to the agency were recognized as 100% effective.