Moscow SEZ hosted a meeting with honored guests from the Middle East

His Excellence Mr. Saeed al Thayer, MD & CEO of DEWA (Department of Electricity and Water of the Emirate of Dubai) led a delegation from the United Arab Emirates, which visited the site of the Moscow SEZ.

Igor Ishchenko, CEO of SEZ “Technopolis “Moscow”, told the guests about the advantages of localization of high-tech enterprises in the SEZ and the development of high-tech industries in the city. The head of the special economic zone noted that among the residents there are foreign companies with the participation of foreign capital.

"Today we have 130 companies that have achieved significant success in microelectronics, energy-efficient and information technologies, Biopharmaceuticals, medical equipment production, development of new materials. Among the SEZ investors there are no representatives of the Middle East countries. We look forward to continue the dialogue and fruitful cooperation”,- Igor Ishchenko said.

Representatives of the delegation noted that one of the main objectives of the visit is to find business partners and get acquainted with energy-efficient technologies in the Russian market. DEWA supplies electricity and water to the city of Dubai and is considered the world's leading water and energy organization.

"Many of our residents can offer unique solutions not only for Russian, but also for the world market. Localization in SEZ, in addition to infrastructure and tax advantages, provides an opportunity for the development of industrial cooperation between high – tech companies”,- said Alice Maltseva, managing Director for external relations of SEZ “Technopolis “Moscow”.

During the meeting, the residents of the industrial site made a presentation of their enterprises. Oleg Rudakov, General Director of Profotech, spoke about the development and production of its own innovative technologies in the field of Photonics. Alexander Abramov, senior business development specialist at Texel, presented a 3D scanner for obtaining three-dimensional models of people and large objects. In addition, the guests were able to get acquainted with the educational opportunities in the most promising areas, which are provided by the Moscow state educational complex at the site of the capital SEZ.

At the end of the meeting, the delegation invited resident companies to participate in the leading global exhibition on water treatment technologies, energy and environmental protection WETEX 2019, which will be held in Dubai in October.

Photo: Timur Anikeev.