Representatives of the government and business of the Philippines told about the Moscow SEZ

The delegation of the Asian Republic visited the site of SEZ Technopolis Moscow in Pechatniki, where they got acquainted with the history and development of the capital's industry, high-demand science-intensive industries and requirements for residents of the special economic zone.

Arslan Ayupov, Deputy Director for strategy of SEZ Technopolis Moscow, noted that Moscow is a leading industrial city, whose products are exported to more than 150 countries. A significant part of enterprises is engaged in high - tech industries-microelectronics, composite materials production, medicine and Biopharmaceuticals, information and energy-efficient technologies. For SEZ residents there are tax preferences, which reduce the total tax burden to 47%.

"This site is a former automobile giant AZLK. The abandoned industrial zone was reconstructed ,so today Technopolis Moscow is one of the territories of the SEZ. Four other sites are located in Zelenograd. We are always glad to new interesting projects and opened to cooperation", - said Arslan Ayupov.

At the end of the meeting, the delegation visited R&D center NovaMedica Innotech and Nanotechnology Center for Composites.

Photo: Timur Anikeev.