Moscow experts in the field of electronics will be trained by south korean colleagues

Specialists of the Moscow company NexTouch will be trained in the production of high-tech products from employees of the South Korean company Dot Incorporation. The events will be held within the framework of the joint project of the companies – the launch of serial production of the component base for the adaptation of electronic equipment for the visually impaired, as well as the production of finished products - watches for the visually impaired NextWatch and NextBook e-books with built-in Braille.

The NextWatch wristwatch is integrated with the smartphone via Bluetooth and allows you to read messages and notifications, find the phone in the room, check the time and date, start the stopwatch and timer. Battery life is up to 3 weeks, and the wireless charging station charges the watch in 60 minutes. NextWatch support Android and iOS systems and are controlled via a multi-language application.

Electronic platelet NextBook is designed to translate textual information into Braille. Used to read books or listen to them in audiobook mode. Audio recording and playback are also included.

“NexTouch is the resident of SEZ Technopolis Moscow. Due to the presence of its own customs post and the regime of the free customs zone, enterprises located in the SEZ, it is easier to build a business with foreign partners – to use foreign equipment and components in their work. Also, SEZ created favorable conditions for technology transfer and exchange of experience with Russian and foreign technology leaders", – said Alexander Prokhorov, the head of the Department of investment and industrial policy of Moscow. 

"An important feature of the device is that it can be used to learn Braille. Several hours have already been used - and received the highest assessment of visually impaired users, – says Valery Makovetsky, the Commercial Director of NexTouch. - At the end of the year, next Public navigation will be launched in the urban environment: the smart watch will allow you to navigate to public transport stops, subway entrances, navigation terminals. With their help, it will be possible to track the schedule of transport and get any necessary information".

NexTouch entered into a technology transfer agreement with the South Korean company Dot Incorporation in October 2018. Under the terms of the contract, the resident of the Moscow SEZ received exclusive access to unique technologies for the production of microelectronics for use in high-tech products for people with visual disabilities. The volume of investments of the Russian company in the project will be up to 100 million rubles for two years. 

NexTouch will launch a production line of unique device in October this year. Its capacity is equivalent to the production of 4000 hours per month. The line will allow making all accessories in Moscow. By the beginning of 2020, the watch will be 100% Russian product. Prior to the launch of the production line, the devices are made of South Korean components.

NextWatch will be available for free for the test period. For those who want to buy the device, the watch will be available in the online stores of the company's partners in each region of the country. In addition, NextWatch will be delivered to the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Kazakhstan.