Guests from China in the Moscow SEZ again

Leading specialists and heads of design departments of subsidiaries of the Chinese Corporation Norinco got acquainted with the work of the SEZ site.

During the internship at Bauman MSTU Chinese colleagues visited the Russian innovative enterprises. In SEZ Technopolis Moscow they visited the concern Goodwin, where they saw the production of telecommunications equipment for General civil and industrial purposes using radio technologies. At the basic Department of the Moscow state educational complex, guests from China were told about the training of engineering professionals to work in high-tech companies and showed the equipment of the site - the latest equipment, including numerical control machines, robots.

China Northern industrial Corporation Norinco is a Chinese state Corporation that produces cars (trucks, cars and motorcycles), equipment, machinery products, optical electronics, equipment for geological exploration, chemical industry goods, light industry goods, explosives, weapons, uniforms, etc. in Addition, the company is engaged in civil projects in the construction sector in China and abroad.

Photo: Timur Anikeev.