Alice Maltseva: "India is a promising investor in the Russian economy”

Alice Maltseva, the Managing Director for external relations of SEZ Technopolis Moscow took part in the international conference session "Public administration and development of Russia: national goals and institutions". The event was held at the Russian presidential Academy of national economy and public administration.

At the business session "Cooperation between Russia and India: economy, culture, politics" there was a discussion of joint business projects of both countries, opportunities for intercultural dialogue and humanitarian cooperation, foreign economic relations between Russia and India.

"India today is the largest investor in various sectors of the world economy. For Russia, it is especially important that among Indian large and SMEs ready for cooperation, the biggest share is high-tech, which can be located, in particular, in the Moscow SEZ. Crimea, with its favorable climate, attracts investors from agriculture”, - Alice Maltseva said.

The speaker also paid attention to the problems faced by investors. One of the issues is the lack of information and support: "It is extremely important to create a working structure to facilitate the entry of Indian small and medium-sized companies into the Russian market. Very often they do not know where to start, in what "window" to apply, where it is better to place the company, what benefits can be obtained. For example, in the Moscow SEZ, we offer residents free connection to engineering networks - it is important that the investor can come to the site and just open the crane, without delay and unnecessary headache”.