Indian companies of pulp and paper industry are interested in localizing in the Moscow SEZ

Today the Embassy of India hosted a meeting of Indian and Russian companies engaged in the pulp and paper industry. One of the most important topics of the meeting was the issue of increasing imports and exports between the countries and strengthening the investment component of interaction between businessmen from both countries.

Alice Maltseva, the Managing Director for external relations of SEZ “Technopolis “Moscow”, told Indian colleagues about the advantages of localizing in the Moscow SEZ. “We see a great interest of India in the development of trade with Russia, - said Alice Maltseva. - It is profitable for Indian companies to establish joint ventures with Russian companies to increase import and export contracts. With the development of trade relations, sooner or later there will be a question of placing production in Russia. A localization in the SEZ will not only make it easier to enter the Moscow market, but also allow the use of preferences for residents and thus save up to 47% of the cost of tax payments”.

Following the speech of SEZ “Technopolis “Moscow” managing Director, agenda of the future meeting with Indian companies was formed: Hero, Shree Venkatesh Paper Mart V. S. Paper Mart PVT ltd, Pushkar paper agencies, Satyan Shivam Paper PVT ltd and Ramchandar Shivnarayan sons will meet with the SEZ managing company.


The SEZ Technopolis Moscow is a specialized territory for the development of industrial, technical and innovative activities of the capital. Currently, 58 high-tech industries are located in the SEZ, which receive a number of preferences from the city: tax breaks, ready engineering infrastructure, free customs regime, etc. SEZ residents are engaged in development and innovation in the field of high-tech production, including microelectronics, instrument making, information and telecommunication technologies, medical equipment. Residents have already made investments in the development of their industries in the amount of about 18.5 billion rubles and created more than 5 thousand jobs.

Since the transfer of authority to manage the special economic zone Technopolis Moscow to the Moscow Government (supervised by the Department of Investment and Industrial Policy of Moscow), in September 2016, the pool of residents of the special economic zone was supplemented by 12 new residents, which totally invested 13 billion 605 million rubles. At the same time, as a result of project implementation, about 3 thousand new jobs will be created.