YuMi is a new student in Bauman university

ABB company presented a collaborative robot YuMi for research work carried out at the Department of "Robotic systems and mechatronics" of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University.

A good relationship between ABB and Bauman MSTU started many years ago. Since 2009, the University has been teaching a course on offline programming based on ABB RobotStudio. Traditionally, every year students come to practice at ABB.

The main difference between YuMi is the presence of two hands. Students, who are now doing project works at ABB, solve an interesting problem: how to synchronize the movement of two separate manipulators in space and in time.

Work is already underway to prepare for the candidate's degree on the basis of work with collaborative robots. It's a design for a surgical assistant robot cell. With the help of voice commands, the operator asks the robot to give him a certain tool; the robot itself with the help of technical vision finds the tool, finds the surgeon's hand in space and passes it to the tool. It uses the capabilities of the voice interface, determining the position in the space of the hand and the selection of various tools from the array. In addition, a group of students plans to write diplomas on the basis of ABB collaborative robots.

Currently, offline programming competence, which allows the integrator or manufacturer of OEM-equipment to significantly reduce the cost of start-up time, is highly demanded. The University is actively developing this direction. There are also the laboratory training workstations for configuring cells in offline mode, programming the movement of robots using ABB Robot Studio software in the mode of adaptation to the environment.

"Unfortunately, our country is very far behind in the field of traditional robotics, – says Vladimir Serebrenny, candidate of technical Sciences, associate Professor, head of the Department "Robotic systems and mechatronics". - It is collaborative robotics that is developing in the world, and we believe that we at the University should focus on this scientific direction – the development of human-robot interaction. At the very least, in order to keep up with the largest and most advanced developers in this field, we should not spray our efforts on a wide front of developments in the field of robotics, but try to find directions for a breakthrough, which is certainly collaborative robotics".

The state of industry in the country today is such that market mechanisms do not form a demand for such collaborative robots. Therefore, it is the work within the universities that allows us to work out various algorithms and control methods, we can talk about entire technological layers and tasks that can be solved with the use of collaborative robots."

Graduates of the Department "Robotic systems and mechatronics" are in demand in the labor market today, because robotics intersects with many other areas. The knowledge gained by Baumanka graduates allows them not only to control robots, but to build approaches to their use at the system level. Employers dismantle graduates already in the last years.

Source: https://new.abb.com/news/ru/detail/16087/yumi-novyi-studient-v-baumankie