The industrial cooperation in Technopolis brongs it’s first results

Specialists and students of the Moscow state educational complex (MSEC), the base Department of which is located in the Technopolis "Moscow", successfully completed the first production order. They made metal parts according to the drawings at the request of the resident of the industrial site, the company "VedaProekt".

The production team of MSEC professionals worked on the order at the base Department in Technopolis. The lathe work was performed by the member of the national team WorldSkills Russia in the skill "Polymechanics and automation" Ahmed Matiev. He worked under the guidance of his mentor Alexander Kalinin, Turner and prize-winners of the first national championship "Skills of the wise". A group of specialists under the supervision of Alexander Safronov, the chief regional expert of WorldSkills on competence "Milling on CNC machines"was responsible for milling. At his disposal are processing centers DMG MORI DMU 50 ecoline. Timur Kildeev and Timofey Osipov, graduates of MSTU. N. Uh. Bauman, was responsible for the coordination of production and quality control. Young engineers provided delivery of details to the customer in due time.

The plans of MSEC include further development of the production direction in cooperation with high-tech companies and equipping with modern Metalworking and measuring equipment. This month is expected to supply CNC lathes DMG MORI CTX 310 ecoline and coordinate measuring machine Mitutoyo.

"VedaProekt" is successfully developing market of high technologies of Russia for more than 15 years the. The main activities of the company - development, implementation and implementation of projects in the field of electronic equipment, optoelectronic equipment, navigation equipment, radio and video equipment, products and components for weapons and military equipment, software, facial recognition systems (2D/3D).


The SEZ "Technopolis "Moscow" is a specialized territory for the development of industrial, technical and innovative activities of the capital. Currently, 50 high-tech industries are located in the SEZ, which receive a number of preferences from the city: tax breaks, ready engineering infrastructure, free customs regime, etc. SEZ residents are engaged in development and innovation in the field of high-tech production, including microelectronics, instrument making, information and telecommunication technologies, medical equipment. Residents have already made investments in the development of their industries in the amount of about 18.5 billion rubles and created more than 5 thousand jobs.

Since the transfer of authority to manage the special economic zone "Technopolis "Moscow" to the Moscow Government (supervised by the Department of Investment and Industrial Policy of Moscow), in September 2016, the pool of residents of the special economic zone was supplemented by 12 new residents, which totally invested 13 billion 605 million rubles. At the same time, as a result of project implementation, about 3 thousand new jobs will be created.