Production of cases for gas and oil pipelines has started

Composite protective case for gas and oil pipelines-a unique development of The Nanotechnology Center of Composites - was created and launched in 2018.

A distinctive feature of the development is increased strength, interchangeability of parts, protection against stray currents, compact placement during transportation. Installing the composite case does not need welding, the case does not require maintenance and special measures to protect against corrosion. The weight of the composite case for the protection of gas and oil pipelines is four times less than metal, so the installation does not require the involvement of heavy equipment.

The first composite case produced by NCC was installed during the construction of the transport interchange for the FIFA world Cup 2018 in Kazan. Reliable protection of the gas pipeline, which is owned and operated by JSC "Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Kazan", was carried out.