Nanotechnology center of composites

Nanotechnology Center for Composites (NCC) is a joint venture of the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs (Rusnano) and DowAksa Advanced Composites Holdings BV (Dow Chemical). Today the company is a leading player in the market of composites, carrying out a full cycle of development and production of products from polymer composite materials: design and stress calculations, material development, tooling, prototyping, testing and certification. NCC produces a wide range of products: Carbon Wrap structural reinforcement system, automotive components, pultruded profiles, drone parts and fuselages, mobile road slabs, fiberglass handrails and access systems, pipeline composite protection shells, sprinklers and water traps for cooling towers, drainage trays, tactile indicators, chemically resistant pipes, and a wide range of fiberglass products and CFRP produced on individual basis.

UMATEX (rosatom)

UMATEX (Rosatom) includes industrial production of carbon fiber (HC): LLC Alabuga-Fiber in the Republic of Tatarstan, LLC Argon in the Saratov Region, LLC ZUKM in Chelyabinsk, LLC Zaryad for the production of composite hockey stick. The research center in Moscow is equipped with the most advanced equipment for the development of PAN precursors technologies and hydrocarbons. UMATEX also includes the company Prepreg-SCM, a manufacturer of fabrics and prepregs, and two Trading houses in the Czech Republic and China. UMATEX is a founder of an inter-regional industrial cluster Composites Without Borders.


RavenArms is a brand name for products manufactured by a subsidiary of Composite Holding Company. Raven Arms focuses on development and manufacturing of composite gunstocks for all types of portable firearms.


Composite Holding Company was created in 2009 to form a composite material market in Russia. The Holding is comprised of several companies including LLC "Composite Volokno" which specializes in production of polyacrylonitrile (PAN) fibre and tow, and also project managing companies such as LLC Composite Products which aims for import phase-out on Russian composite products market. The holding also includes companies providing materials for construction, strengthening/enforcement of concrete structures (external enforcement system), and offering a wide range of services from inspection to design to material supply to construction and installation work. The Holding owns a number of trademarks and patents. Nanotechnology Center for Composites is also a part of the Holding.


Ecoplast company is a part of group of electrical equipment ecological recycling plants managed by Ecopolis Corporation. Ecoplast is equipped with modern automated production lines to produce the highest quality pellets. The plant’s output of recycling of ABS, PS, PP-type secondary plastic reaches 25 000 ton per year. The plant has no environmental impact due to zero liquid discharge system and modern gas-handling equipment that prevent polluting emissions and water discharge to sewerage.

NPO Composite

NPO Composite is a creative high tech composite engineering company providing design, analysis, and manufacturing services for the automotive, motorsport, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, aerospace, marine, robotics industries. The company offers a complex solution fort design, development, testing and analysis of composite structures optimised to the material and the process to meet the end user’s requirements. The company commits significant resources to research, and prototyping with emphasis on always improving its production processes. The company helps customers to enhance their products and maximise their cost benefits, and to realise market opportunities where composite materials properties can give their product improvement or new technology that would not otherwise be possible.


Microbor company is the biggest Russian super hard composite materials cutting tools manufacturer and is one of few fully integrated manufacturers in the world.
As a result of using unique equipment and modern technology company has significantly increased its tools cutting quality and durability up to the level of world’s best analogues.
At present time Microbor commercially produces most of shapes, types and sizes of solid and brazed indexable inserts for turning and milling made of CBN, PCD and ceramic according to ISO 9001-2015. If necessary all the inserts can be coated to achieve better performance.
Operating on the market for more than 17 years, the company has proved itself as an expert in the sphere of hard turning and super hard and hard-to-cut materials machining.
The company is continuing its R&D in the sphere of CBN, PCD, ceramic new graders development and current grades modification to increase tool life and to extend the application range.