Goodwin specializes in manufacturing, supply and maintenance of telecommunications equipment with application of various radio technologies for public and industrial purposes. It also develops customer equipment for surface and underground facilities (mine shafts, openings, tunnels, etc.) and special-purpose communication networks for Russian defence forces and public authorities. Goodwin possesses advanced developments in the field of the Internet of Things and telemedicine.

109316, Moscow, 42 Volgogradsky Prospect, build. 5
+7 (495) 287-44-87


A manufacturing facility consisting of a subdivision involved in assembly of computer aids, and a data security department. The assembly subdivision specializes in assembly of small batches (up to 1000 pcs.) of computers and servers, and single nonstandard computer aids, such as special computing systems and data storage systems. The data security department includes security office equipped in accordance with the requirements of Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation and licensed to work with information classified as state secret.

109316, Moscow, 42 Volgogradsky Prospect, build. 5
+7 (495) 642-67-37
+7 (495) 789-73-20

Cloud DC

Cloud DC (LLC IMT) specializes in R&D and implementation of automated multi-level intellectual systems for telecom network monitoring and control.

124460, Moscow, Zelenograd, 27 proezd 4803, build. 1
+7 (495) 409-39-09
+7 (800) 775-39-09


GreenBushDC Data Center is one of the largest commercial data centers in Russia. Technological capacities are designed to service 2,280 racks in 27 machine rooms. The TIER III reliability level according to the Uptime Institute classification provides an SLA of 99.982%. Since the end of 2018, GreenBushDC has been offering complex IT solutions for all business levels: placing server equipment from 1U to 110 server racks in a dedicated room, creating virtual computing infrastructure (IaaS), renting physical servers, as well as maintaining and supporting software and hardware systems in the infrastructure of the data center. Data center resources and services allow you to build a secure, fault-tolerant IT infrastructure for any project, from small businesses to large corporate systems.

Moscow, Zelenograd, 8 proezd 683
+7 (800) 350-15-00


The Institute carries out research-and-development activities in the following scientific and technical fields: creation of mobile automated control systems and field communication systems for various applications and deploying; creation of rapidly-deployed communication systems; creation of mobile units location and status monitoring systems; development of mobile automated workstations to receive and process various types of information.

117630, Moscow, 58 Starokaluzhskoe shosse
+7 (495) 333-75-03


RUCAP is an innovative Russian company, since 2005 it has been conducting applied research and development in the area of local positioning of objects:
• Set-up and implementation of solutions for real-time precision tracking on the base of ultrasonic, optical, inertial and RFID technologies, use of own patented solutions;
• Development of radio technical and electronic systems for consumer and professional markets: metrical, portable devices, automatic controls, device bridging.
RUCAP performs a full cycle of electronics development, programming, industrial design and production. The company's solutions are used in different objects of city infrastructure, professional training facilities and International Space Station.

124527, Moscow, Zelenograd, 6 Solnechnaya alley
+7 (499) 720-69-87


Relcom-data specializes in operation and development of DATA-centers and development of new technologies in the field of energy saving for operation of data-centers.


Texel is a producer of professional 3D scanners and a developer of algorithms and software. Portal is included in the top 10 best 3D scanners in the world according to the French rating Aniwaa and the authoritative Swiss Hometrica Consulting. Texel 3D scanners are used in the industries of fashion, advertising (experiential marketing), fitness and VR/AR

115184, Moscow, 16 Bolshoy Ovchinnikovsky pereulok
+7 (495) 018-39-35


ANCUD Ltd. has been on the information security market in Russia for more than 29 years. ANCUD develops various means of cryptographic protection: trusted security modules, means of protection from unauthorized access and access control, means of building protected data transmission networks and means of wireless telecommunications safety.

124527, Moscow, Zelenograd, 8 Solnechnaya alley
+7 (499) 731-00-00


The bureau of professional 3D printing, scanning and modeling of any complexity. The company provides services for the creation of physical objects (3D printing) and virtual content (VR, AR) and simulators for the b2b sector, for individual customers.

109316, Moscow, 42 Volgogradsky Prospect, build. 5


The company is engaged in the development and implementation of projects in the field of radio-electronic and optical electronic equipment, navigation equipment, appliances for radio and video communication, software, and face recognition systems (2D/3D).

109316, Moscow, 42 Volgogradsky Prospect, build. 13
+7(495) 721-16-03


The developer of the power grid computer ESC AXIOX - an electronic computing device for receiving and distributing electrical energy, providing information exchange for the control, regulation and protection of the power grid and devices connected to it.
Integration of the device into the power system is provided by a special software service for the automated creation of an EOM project and software.
The key idea of ​​the invention is to provide consumers with a device for receiving and distributing electrical energy and internal information exchange for controlling, regulating and protecting the electrical network and electrical appliances connected to it.


NetPrint.ru is a №1 online printing service in Russia. As of 2019 it has over 4.5 million registered users.
NetPrint provides online printing services for a wide range of products: photo books, photos, calendars, souvenirs and interior printing.Users can create any design they want,and edit projects both online and offline.The service also comes in apps for IOS and Android, which makes it possible to upload photos and make an order in a couple of clicks. The printing factory is located in Moscow, with shipping service available all over the country.

+7 (495) 601-96-96

Russian Technological Company

Russian Technological Company is an engineering & technology company engaged in mechanical product design. It implements technological projects for various processing industries: oil and gas, aviation, and Russian defense machine-building complex.
The company uses advanced IT technologies allowing it to achieve maximum quality. Metal processing using CNC machinery provides the clients with a solution to problems of any complexity. The company uses individual approach to any task and cooperates with any category of client.

111024, Moscow, 12 Aviamotornaya street
+7 (495) 970-50-91

B4Com Technologies

B4Com Technologies LLC was established in 2015 to develop and manufacture a product line of high-tech devices using SDN/IoT/4G/5G/6LoWPAN technologies and solutions in the field of data transmission.
The company has highly qualified specialists for research and development, as well as the capacity for mass production on a modern production base located in SEZ Technopolis Moscow.
The main activities of the company include:
· R&D in the field of IT, Telecom and radio;
· software product development and equipment design;
· equipment manufacturing, engineering, equipment sales and service, production, installation of equipment, engineering, sale of equipment, service.
B4Com Technologies LLC plans to take a leading position in the market of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and IoT c using secure data transfer technologies in Russia.

109316, Moscow, 42 Volgogradsky Prospect, build. 5
+7 (495) 241-12-94

IVA Technologies

Russian manufacturer of high-tech IT equipment and software. Multiple product lines are currently manufactured under IVA Technologies brand, including IVA MCU, full-featured video conferencing platform, IVA IP telephone, IVA Yar, data storage system, and IVA TPU, tensor processing unit. IVA Technologies software and hardware solutions help to build a safe and high-performance IT infrastructure of any scale – from small offices to major corporations with internal data processing centers.

109316, Moscow, 42 Volgogradsky Prospect, build. 3
+7 (495) 134-66-77


The company created a Data Processing Center for server equipment and switching points for Internet exchange for the Center at Technopolis Moscow. A system of highlyreliable engineering solutions for power supply and cooling supply was implemented in the Center to ensure uninterrupted 24/7 operation of the telecommunications equipment to be installed.

DS Electronics

A member of the Delta Solutions group for the production of high-speed switches (up to 400 Gbps) with the ability to install open operating systems. The production is carried out on ultra-modern lines for surface mounting. This equipment allows to produce a wide range of printed circuit boards that meet the highest quality criteria and are ready to comply with the current requirements of customers.

DS Technologies

A Russian manufacturer of server hardware and data storage systems as well as motherboards with the most complex assembly of electronic components on high-performance equipment, a member of the Delta Solutions group. Its high-tech products make the company one of the domestic market leaders among the computer equipment manufacturers.

Eastcompeace Rus

Eastcompeace Rus being established in 2004 is the leader in Russian SIM-card market. Also, it is a part of “Potevio” group of companies (Beijing, China). The company produces over 50 million SIM-cards per year for the Russian and foreign markets. Eastcompeace Rus became the first company in Russia who localized RSP services for downloading SIM-card profiles to subscriber devices (eSIM). In 2019 company started issuing bank cards. The largest mobile operators in Russia, the CIS and the European Union, banks in Russia and the CIS - are among the company's clients.

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