Schneider Electric is a global leader in providing digital energy management and automation solutions for efficiency and sustainability. The company integrates the best technologies in energy management, real-time automation, software and services into solutions for civil and residential buildings, data centers, infrastructure and industry.
In Russia, the company has offices in 35 cities, more than 8000 employees, 5 factories, 2 innovation centers and the largest engineering and service center in the industry.
More than 60% of products supplied to Russian customers are manufactured in Russia
Schneider Electric makes processes and power systems safe, reliable, efficient, sustainable, open and connected.

127018, Moscow, 12 Dvintsev St., build. 1
+7 (495) 777-99-90


ENSOL is a developer, manufacturer and integrator of solutions that help improve efficiency and reduce operating costs of logistical, industrial and trade companies. ENSOL specializes in supplying Lithium-Ion batteries for the material handling equipment, and developing cloud solutions for them. The company’s mission is to develop human-centred, environmentally friendly and economical energy storage for industrial equipment. Company is researching how to increase the productivity of forklifts, cleaning equipment, passenger boarding bridges, vehicles for transporting luggage and other electrical engineering. ENSOL is number ONE in the field of energy-efficient solutions in Russia and remains the leader of their integration around the world. The geography of ENSOL deliveries covers Russia, CIS, Europe, Canada and USA.

109316, Moscow, 42 Volgogradsky Prospect
+7 (495) 729-15-37
+7 (495) 103-93-23

Elektroninvest Group

JSC Elektroninvest Group is one of the leading Russian enterprises in the field of development and mass manufacturing of a complete series of functional devices in modular execution for power supply systems and also electric connectors for the aerospace, space, military markets. One of the directions is development and serial release of hermetic DC-DC Converters resistant to space factors.
The company is a developer and producer of a line of import-substituting tight and radiation resistant power sources. There are no analogs for these products in the Russian market.
Besides development and manufacturing of radio-electronic components, the company actively works on the development of medical equipment: medical devices for magnetotherapy, vibroexercise machines.

124460,Moscow, Zelenograd, 4 4922-proezd, build. 2
+7 (499) 553-05-65


This company’s main areas of activity are the development, manufacturing and supply of hi-tech electrical engineering equipment with performance characteristics at or above global standards. The company conducts R&D for ultra-high-performance insulating materials, high-current switches, high-power high-voltage switches, high-stability high-frequency high-voltage sources, high-power high-voltage diode units and high-voltage capacitors.

111024, Moscow, 12 Aviamotornaya St.
+7 (495) 970-50-91


Piromant is a laboratory for development of climate control equipment. Piromant LLC is a Russian innovation company which develops technologies and equipment for combustion of natural, oil, associated, and other combustible hydrocarbon gases. Its product portfolio covers gas heaters, wall and floor-mounted condensation gas-fired boilers, flow-type calorifiers, recovery boilers, heat-exchange equipment, and modular boilers. Another specialty of the company is machine tool manufacturing. The company manufactures machines for plasma cutting of metals of 0.5 to 200 mm, according to the client’s needs.

109263, Moscow, 42 Volgogradsky Prospect, build. 5
+7 (499) 391-97-35


Established in 1999. Its headquarters are located in Moscow, with branch offices in Saint Petersburg and Yekaterinburg. Its main businesses are:

  • automatic chemical control of production processes (hydrological regime of thermal power plants and nuclear thermal power plants, water treatment, etc.);
  • automatic control of quality and composition of liquid and gaseous emissions;
    The equipment comes from the leading European and US manufacturers. The company handles turn-key projects starting from pre-feasibility studies to handover for operation with the complete set of technical and permit documentation, warranty and post-warranty services, and operating personnel training. To enable an integrated approach and to ensure quality technical support for its clients, the company has a staff of highly-qualified professionals, who undergo training at manufacturers’ sites on an annual basis.

109316, Moscow, 42 Volgogradsky Prospect
+7 (495) 258-25-90
+7 (499) 647-54-29


Sovelmash engineering company was established in 2017 to develop and commercialise the technology of energy-efficient rotating electrical machines with Slavyanka combined windings. Sovelmash company has intellectual property including patents required for business processes. This allows the successful development of technology in terms of development and implementation of new technical solutions in the market. The purpose of the project is a large-scale reduction in electricity consumption by means of design, technology adjustment, setting in production and implementation of electric machines with improved characteristics for various applications: general purpose industrial machines, special purpose machines, power tools and household appliances, housing and public utilities, electric transport and infrastructure.
So far, the technology has already established itself on the market of electric motors. Thus, there are hundreds of thousands of modernized asynchronous motors in Russia and other countries made on the basis of serial machines with Slavyanka technology.
The tasks of the centre at the Alabushevo site are task description, preliminary design, simulation, design, manufacturing, testing of electrical machines in accordance with the requirements and specifications of enterprises - potential customers. Today the company has its facilities, including pilot production and testing laboratory.
The company also offers a selection of winding data for motors with combined winding for the required modes of operation, determination of electromagnetic characteristics of sheet electric materials, manufacturing of tooling for winding electrical machines, 3D prototyping and printing, laser cutting and engraving of metals, etc.

124460, Moscow, Zelenograd, Panfilovsky Prospect, build. 10
+7 (926) 601-38-48

Micro Devices Research Institute Developing and Production Center

The company was established in 2003. Headquarters are located in Moscow, Zelenograd. Main areas of activity are in the sphere of development and production of innovative LED-based lightning products. The company is a leading Russian enterprise in the field of development and mass manufacturing of airborne lightning products. List of manufactured products by the company consists of more than 250 kinds of units. Amount of delivered products in 2018 exceeded 20 000 units.
In Technopolis the company plans to continue the implementation of development and research work, and intends to set up production of innovative LED based lightning devices for the benefit of different industrial branches, private corporations such as aircraft industry, maritime transportation industry , housing and communal services, construction and development, different consumer and special outdoor purpose lightning.

Контактные данные:
124498, Moscow, Zelenograd, 5 Georgievsky Prospect, build. 1
+7 (499) 731-96-61

Evropeyskaya Elektrotekhnica

Evropeyskaya Elektrotekhnica Group of Companies (MOEX: EELT) offers comprehensive solutions in the field of engineering and technological systems for industrial, construction and infrastructural purposes: low and medium voltage distribution equipment, low current systems, lighting systems, industrial electric heating systems and equipment for the Oil&Gas and petrochemical industries.
As a Russian joint-stock company with high corporate governance standards and financial sustainability, the Company's Mission is to improve people's quality of life with its entrepreneurial vigour and engineering competencies.
The Company was founded in 2004 and unites a distribution center, engineering departments, an electrical laboratory and specialized production facilities. The company is one of the largest electrical equipment distributors in the Russian Federation and an industrial partner of leading companies on the international engineering market.
Company's customers include major Russian companies: Rosneft, Gazprom, NOVATEK, LUKOIL, Sibur and Nizhnekamskneftekhim. Supplies were successfully implemented for the following projects: Power of Siberia, Yamal LNG, Smolensk NPP, Data Center of Sberbank of Russia, the Domodedovo, Sheremetyevo, and Pulkovo Airports, etc.

109316, Moscow, 42 Volgogradsky Prospect, build. 5
+7 (495) 660-71-18
+7 (800) 600-71-18

VDK is a research and production company dedicated to development and manufacturing of industrial equipment for chemical, petrochemical, oil processing industries as well as for municipal water treatment and medical facilities and a wide range of chemical and technological processes in various industries. VDK develops and manufactures mass-transfer equipment for chemical handling and dosing in a batch and continuous-flow processes. VDK’s Poly-MIX and S-Mix systems are broadly and successfully used at dozens of industrial facilities across Russia and in the Customs Union countries. The company implements unique development and modeling approaches as well as modern manufacturing processes for production of equipment. VDK-produced equipment successfully competes with the world’s leading counterparts and is protected by international patents.

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