MEDPLANT is a manufacturing company specializing in the production of wide range of modern portable innovative import-substituting medical equipment for first aid and emergency medicine (arterial bleeding control, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, monitoring of life-threatening conditions, transport immobilization, evacuation and transportation of patients). Company has 34 registered medical devices and 15 invention patents. The company possesses ISO 13485, ISO 9001 certificates and a range of products was granted with European CE certificates. Over 20 000 ambulances in all regions of Russia and neighboring countries are equipped with products manufactured by MEDPLANT company, the devices are also widely used by the Ministry of Emergency Situations, emergency medicine and the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

109316, Moscow, 42 Volgogradsky Prospect, build. 13
+7 (495) 223-60-16
+7 (495) 223-66-38


The R&D center is designed for the development and production of innovative drugs. It comprises a complex of R&D laboratories and production sites with technological capabilities unique for the Russian pharmaceutical industry. The center’s facilities allow carrying out more than 40 research projects simultaneously and produce up to 80 mln product units per year. Apart from the development of its own drug portfolio, NovaMedica Innotech cooperates with foreign and local partners to fulfill their orders for drug development and manufacture. NovaMedica Innotech is a subsidiary of NovaMedica, a RUSNANO project.

109316, Moscow, 42 Volgogradsky Prospect, build. 5
+7 (495) 230-03-66


The company specializes in the development and manufacturing of original photosensitiser based on chlorophyll, development of the photodynamic therapy and fluorescent diagnostics method.

124365, Moscow, Zelenograd, Georgievsky Prospect, build. 1651
+7 (495) 980-13-05


Founded in 1993, the ELTA company is an acknowledged leader on the Russian medical equipment market. The company’s mission is to make hi-tech medical production available for everyone.
The company is unique in being the first to develop and produce express blood glucose meters in Russia. It is also one of the few Russian manufacturers whose production is based wholly on original inventions.
The company organizes and manages most of the production stages by its own means, from molding plastic parts to producing control materials, all at it’s own production facilities.

141700, Moscow region, Dolgoprudny city, 5 Lihachevsky proezd
+7 (499) 995-25-47


One of the leading Russian manufacturers of unique medical equipment in the field of infection control systems: steam and low-temperature sterilizers, steam disinfection chambers, disinfection and washing machines, including for flexible endoscopes, drying cabinets for instruments and anesthesiology, installations for disinfection and processing of medical waste. On the basis of the manufactured products, the complex equipping of the central sterilization departments in medical facilities of any complexity is carried out.
The plant includes a special design bureau with a technical center and an experimental laboratory, the main task of which is the study and acquisition of new samples of medical equipment, as well as the modernization and technical support of serial products.

+7 (495) 739-39-45


BIOCAD is one of the largest international innovative biotech companies in Russia. It brought together world-class R&D centers, modern pharmaceutical and biotechnological production, and preclinical and clinical trials, compliant with international standards.
BIOCAD is a full-cycle drug development company, from molecule search to mass production and marketing support. The drugs are intended for the treatment of oncological and autoimmune diseases. Present product portfolio includes 60 medical products, more than 20 are biological. Over 25 products are now in different development stages. Development of drugs for cancer therapy is one of the priorities of the company.
There are 2500 people working in BIOCAD, more than 40% are scientists and researchers. Offices of the company are located in Brazil, China, India, Vietnam, UAE and other countries.



ACADEMY-T is the leader in the production of preventive and multifunctional sports nutrition. Over the past 20 years we have conducted extensive research in the field of biotechnology and nutritiology. Moreover, we have been supplying sports and medical nutrition to Russian national teams for eight years, including many world and Olympic Champions from Sochi 2014 and Rio 2016. All the products of ACADEMY-T do not contain components subjected to genetic modification, as well as doping agents and their metabolites.

109316, Moscow, 42 Volgogradsky Prospect, build. 13
+7 (800) 700-46-08
+7 (495) 139-89-93
+7 (929) 630-39-78

Bright Way Industries

Part of the BRIGHT WAY GROUP pharmholding, whose development strategy includes the implementation of significant projects in the pharmaceutical industry of the Russian Federation. Over the last 7 years has successfully implemented investment projects with an investment volume of over RUB 3.7 bln: the construction of a logistics pharmaceutical complex in the Moscow Region, the launch of a pharmaceutical plant in Kurgan and the construction of a production plant for the production of API.
BRIGHT WAY INDUSTRIES priority directions:
• production of FDP of various pharmacotherapeutic groups and release forms;
• implementation of localization projects in the Russian Federation for the production of FDP;
• organization of the transfer of new production technologies, cooperation in the field of innovative developments.


Since 2001, the Orthomoda design center has been developing and manufacturing orthopedic footwear. In 2009, it started producing specialized (adaptive) clothing for disabled people.
Since 2019, the company has been a resident of SEZ Technopolis Moscow, on the territory of which a digital factory operates with the latest equipment, which allows it to produce about 70 thousand units per year. Particular attention is paid not only to functionality, but also to the appearance of the shoe. Shoe lasts are designed in close collaboration with the leading orthopedic doctors taking into account the latest fashion trends.
In 2020, the official status of a social enterprise was received, since in addition to the fact that the company provides complex orthopedic shoes for about 20 thousand disabled people a year, 20 percent of the company's employees have various degrees of disability.
Currently, the company focuses on the following:
• its own network of Orthomoda orthopedic shoe shops, providing consulting and diagnostic services;
• wholesale supplies of Orthomoda orthopedic footwear and adaptive clothing to all regions of Russia and neighboring countries;
• e – commerce , including abroad
• expanding export
• further development of Technological platform Orthomoda.

109316, Moscow, 42 Volgogradsky Prospect
+7 (495) 255-55-24


Russian-based company Inkoro, LLC develops and manufactures medical products. At the moment the company is producing devices for urology such as ureteral stents and ureteral catheters in sets and in different designs. The company is constantly expanding the product range. The production line of medical devices is based upon technology created by Rocamed company (Monaco) which guarantees high European quality tested by time.

109316, Moscow, 42 Volgogradsky Prospect, build. 5
+7 (495) 991-36-98
+7 (495) 234-39-45


Merck is a leading science and technology company in healthcare, life science and performance materials. Around 50,000 employees work to further develop technologies that improve and enhance life – from biopharmaceutical therapies to treat cancer or multiple sclerosis, cutting-edge systems for scientific research and production, to liquid crystals for smartphones and LCD televisions.

115054, Moscow, 35 Valovaya St.
+7 (495) 937-33-04


The company is a Russian manufacturer of medical equipment and supplies, anesthesia and respiratory devices, lung ventilators, disinfection systems and patient simulators. It also performs maintenance services, repairs of medical equipment and conducts training of specialists at its venue.

109316, Moscow, 42 Volgogradsky Prospect, build. 5
+7 (800) 600-53-83


The company was founded in 2005. Vetbiohim is involved in the development and production of high-quality safe drugs that protect humans and animals from diseases and create a safe epizootic environment in our country. The company has a successful track record of fulfilling federal government contracts. Besides Russia the manufactured drugs are registered in Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine. The company comprises more than 140 employees, more than 30 of them have a PhD or Doctor of Science degrees. The production is equipped with modern high-tech equipment.

105120, Moscow, 3/9 Tretiy Syromyatnichesky pereulok, build. 2


Official manufacturer of equipment for medical gas supply in the Russian Federation. Key activities of MZ Liberec RUS LLC include development and revamping of existing models, design, manufacturing, sales and maintenance of pressure monitoring systems, end elements of gas main lines i. e. wall-mounted consoles in wards, and bridge and ceiling-mounted gas supply complexes for surgery and intensive care rooms. Its products are developed and manufactured to satisfy individual requirements of its clients in different configurations and in compliance with applicable Russian regulations.

109316, Moscow, 42 Volgogradsky Prospect, build. 9
+7 (495) 127-70-12


Development of production technology and the production of modern drugs, including modified-release drugs and combination drugs belonging to different pharmacological groups and various drug forms.

109316, Moscow, 42 Volgogradsky Prospect, build. 24
+7 (495) 741-46-65

Acrus BioMed

Aсrus BioMed is engaged in the development and manufacturing of biomedical cell products (BMCP). One of the pioneers of the new industry, it brings together the most qualified specialists. First-line products include BMCP for the treatment of nonhealing wounds, ulcers and extensive burns, allowing to restore the skin in a short time and without scars. Acrus BioMed cooperates with the leading R&D centers. The company's pipe-line features new BMСPs for the treatment of various socially significant diseases. Universal manufacturing equipment makes it possible to organize contract production of other BMCP of the different composition and purpose as well as their components. The registration process is currently in progress and products will be available for use in 2021.

119991, Moscow, 47 Leninsky Prospect
+7 (499) 135-88-23
+7 (499) 135-88-02
+7 (499) 135-64-06
+7 (499) 135-88-18
+7 (800) 200-40-15


The aim of the company is to manufacture high-quality medical equipment for stomated patients, which can compete on equal grounds and even surpass their foreign counterparts, and provide the patients with accessible high-quality medical and rehabilitation technology.
The founding company of GemaTech is Gemamed LLC, which has been on the Russian medical equipment market for over 10 years. Gemamed has earned its reputation as a reliable and trustworthy supplier of drugs, medical equipment and high-quality assistive appliances for stomated patients (for gastro-intestinal and urogenital pathologies, skincare and wound treatment.)


LasMedTech is one of the world leaders in laser technology. The company has an extensive structure featuring R&D labs that employ specialists with outstanding expertise in the development, manufacturing and implementation of advanced laser systems.
LasMedTech produces a wide variety of laser units, emitters, and applicators for esthetic medicine, minimally invasive therapy, surgery and stomatology.
The company has its own medical base. Its machines have all international certification and are widely used in medical facilities around the world.

Moscow, 5 Novinsky Bulevard
+7 (495) 151-99-59


Mesoformula develops, manufactures and sells innovative products for injectable aesthetic medicine and professional cosmetology under the trademark "Mesopharm". Creation of professional products includes the full production cycle of pharmaceutical class products in compliance with all GMP standards. One of the key principles of Mesoformula team is Quality: based on carefully selected ingredients the company creates unique formulations, which effectiveness is confirmed by tests of independent laboratories. It allows Mesoformula to constantly retain one of the leading positions in the Russian market of mesotherapy. The presence of international registration certificates provides additional guarantees for the quality and safety of professional products.

109316, Moscow, 42 Volgogradsky Prospect, build. 5
+7 (495) 663-23-45


Development and production of oncology medical products.

109316, Moscow, 42 Volgogradsky Prospect, build. 24
+7 (495) 233-01-38


Development and production of psychoneurological medical products.


Sputnik Technopolis is a plant of the R-Pharm Company for the production of domestic vaccine against coronavirus infection "Sputnik V". The construction of the complex, located on the territory of SEZ Technopolis Moscow, was carried out in the record time, which is necessary for the implementation of national and city vaccination programs. The area of the plant is 27 thousand square meters, 70% of which are taken by clean premises. In August 2021, the new R-Pharm Sputnik Technopolis plant released the first millions of doses of the Sputnik-V vaccine.

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