Residents of the Moscow SEZ in 2021 paid special attention to the development of innovative products in various fields, most noticeably in the microelectronics industry, said Alexander Prokhorov, Head of the Department for Investment and Industrial policy of Moscow.

“The enterprises of the special economic zone of the capital were actively involved in research and development work in 2021. For more than 40 cases of intellectual activity, the company received patents, trademarks and certificates of state registration. Most of them are residents of the microelectronics cluster, which also provide over 50 percent of all production in the Moscow SEZ. In monetary terms, this is 8.5 billion rubles,” said the Head of the department.

 In the special economic zone, the microelectronic industry is represented by over 30 residents. During the year, special attention was paid to supporting such enterprises in the SEZ, said Gennady Degtev, CEO of SEZ Technopolis Moscow.

 “Topical issues of microelectronics development were discussed in various formats. In particular, the problem of the shortage of chips became the topic of the Technoclub discussion at Alabushevo site, where manufacturers shared their plans for import substitution. A number of new developments in the industry have already been introduced this year and have become the most striking events, gaining wide recognition. Among them are innovative products for import substitution, as well as serial products for expanding export supplies,” said CEO of SEZ.

 In 2021, the first Russian chip for Skif tablets, produced by a resident of ELVEES RnD Center, was put into series. Currently, it is the only processor on which a tablet for government agencies can be developed taking into account information security requirements.

Another important event was the innovation from the Mikron enterprise, which released an experimental batch of the first completely domestic microcontroller based on the RISC-V open architecture. It will allow for the production of devices and devices to reduce dependence on foreign component base and licenses. The new microcontroller can be used for industrial automation and the Internet of Things, smart home, infrastructure and security systems, telemetry and monitoring, metering devices and other areas.

Another Mikron product is focused on the export market; components for power management in electronics have been launched into mass production. These are Trench MOSFET transistors, which are used in: auto and industrial electronics, generators, secondary power supplies, motor controllers, lighting engineering, telecommunications equipment, energy. New products have high export potential. The company has already received the first orders from foreign companies.

Another development for information security is the Zvezda hardware and software complex from Molecular Electronics Research Institute (JSC MERI). It is designed to cryptographically protect information in IoT devices. It consists of a software package and a microcircuit, which is embedded in the end device, providing secure data transfer between the object and the server that accumulates the data. At the same time, the software, microcircuit and encryption algorithms are entirely of Russian design. The use of the complex provides new opportunities for the development of domestic projects in the field of the Internet of Things and contributes to import substitution.

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