Manufacturers of measuring equipment and materials for water purification are located in the laboratory and industrial buildings at the Alabushevo site, said Alexander Prokhorov, Head of the Department for Investment and Industrial policy of Moscow.

“The companies have rented more than 1,500 m², which will create over 40 highly qualified jobs. The new enterprises have chosen to be located in newly built engineering laboratory and industrial buildings, which provide opportunities for both the organization of industrial production of products and for research and implementation activities. Opportunities in the brownfield format allow tenants to implement their projects in the shortest possible time and with minimal investment in an industrial site, using the ready-made premises of the Moscow SEZ,” said the head of the Department.

 One of the tenants is the Electronic Technologies and Metrological SystemsEnterprise (ZETLAB Company), which specializes in the development and production of measuring instruments, digital and analog sensors, controllers and software. Metrology laboratories, enterprises of the military-industrial, oil-refining, aviation, automotive, light, food industries, as well as metallurgy and mechanical engineering are equipped with such equipment.

 Also in Alabushevo site placed its subdivision of group of enterprises Smoly. The company specializes in the production of ion-exchange materials for the extraction of rare earth materials, purification of water treatment systems, pharmaceuticals and medicine. The resins produced are based on both long-term technologies and the latest developments of advanced chemical institutes and laboratories.

 “The tenants of the new engineering laboratory and industrial buildings have at their disposal modern spaces and a well-developed infrastructure of the Alabushevo site, which provide business with a high level of service and production culture,” said Gennady Degtev, CEO of SEZ Technopolis Moscow.

 On the territory of the Zelenograd site, about 50 companies are currently implementing their projects, almost 30 of them work in the status of a resident and enjoy the preferences of the SEZ. These are manufacturers of medical devices and drugs, microelectronics, developers of energy-saving technologies.

 Three innovative laboratory and industrial buildings with a total area of ​​about 30,000 m² were put into operation at the Alabushevo site of the SEZ of Moscow in June 2021. To meet the demand from innovative enterprises for modern industrial spaces, it is planned to build two more buildings.

 The head of the SEZ recalled that residents are exempt from paying property, transport, land taxes and customs duties. The income tax rate for them is only 2%. There are also benefits for the lease of land allocated for the construction of an enterprise, and upon its completion, it is possible to buy out the leased land plot for 1% of its cadastral value.


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