The Moscow SEZ located company developed a set of medical gas supply systems, said Alexander Prokhorov, Head of the Department for Investment and Industrial policy of Moscow.

"This new project belongs to the MZ Liberec enterprise. They are specialists in medical and engineering equipment for medical gases distribution. This new product is on the agenda. It will help the staff of medical institutions to avoid failures and accidents during their gas distribution equipment of therapeutic gases management. It will significantly increase its reliability, which is essential for patients. There are many of those who are currently being treated for COVID infection," stressed Alexander Prokhorov.  

“The Moscow SEZ company goods are being transferred to the medical institutions of Moscow and other regions,” said Gennady Degtev, CEO of SEZ Technopolis Moscow.

“The hospitals in Moscow, Leningrad region, Omsk, Yekaterinburg, Orenburg, Yakutsk, Khabarovsk, Vladivostok, and Blagoveshchensk are all equipped with MZ Liberec systems. In 2021 the company provided equipment and components for 93 medical institutions in 48 Russian regions,” he specified.

The medical gas system dispatching complex consists of software and equipment that is integrated into both just recently created and already existing medical gas supply systems.

The set of sensors and modules is installed into the main parts of the system, and then its signals are edited and visualized by a software module on a supervisor’s desktop. This way, the system activity parameters are constantly held control over. It controls the specifications and work of the equipment elements of the gas generation sources, as well as the pressure in the pipeline system of the medical gases in the institution.

The supervisor desktop translates information on all kinds of medical gases: oxygen, nitrous oxide, air, vacuum, and carbon dioxide. In case of any emergency, the alarm goes off and notifies the supervisor, who instantly locates an exact problem spot and notifies the institution's engineering service. Thus, the failures are significantly reduced, which improves the quality of the medical gas supply system. Emergency messages can be sent to a remote computer or mobile phone.

The new complex advantage is in the simplicity of its deployment in any hospital or medical center, as well as in compactness of the controls. The remote collection of the state of engineering systems of medical gas supply readings is available as well.

The archive of readings can be stored for 90 days. The contained info is securely protected with passwords and encryption. Archiving makes it possible to analyze the operation of equipment for further optimization. It also helps obtain an accurate picture of system events to determine the causes of crushes and emergencies.  

The Moscow SEZ enterprise MZ Liberec provides Russian medical institutions with engineering equipment that distributes and manages medical gases, walls, and cell-based medical consoles (that provide the patient with medical gases, power, and auxiliary medical equipment). The company also works in another field: it supplies medical gases resources: oxygen generators, vacuum stations, and medical air stations.

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