The resident of special economic zone Technopolis Moscow has developed a trial amount of the first completely domestic RISC-V microcontroller. It is an open-architecture base, and it will decrease dependence on foreign component bases and licenses during the production of devices and tools as informed by Alexander Prokhorov, the Head of the Department for Investment and Industrial policy of Moscow.

A microcontroller is a simple component commonly used by a customer and also by manufacturers. These are engineering infrastructural systems, sensor networks, telecommunications equipment, and measuring tools.

“This microcontroller is applicable for manufacturing automizing, for the internet of things, for a smart home system, for telemetry and monitoring, counters, TEK, transport, health care, trading, roads infrastructure and AD-tools, and in many other ways. It is an all-purpose basic unit for import substitution at domesticelectronics,” said Alexander Prokhorov.

The open architecture gives developers and manufacturers freedom from patent-holders when creating and developing new electronics and modules. It makes Russian electronics less dependent on foreign technologies and parts.

The Micron company is a resident of SEZ Moscow starting from 2015. It is within a microelectronics cluster and produces more than 4 billion implants annually. The resident’s manufacturing capacity for developing microcontrollers on the territory of the Moscow SEZ enables to completely fulfill the current Russian manufacturers' needs. This may be considered as a huge move for the domestic equipment industry”, mentioned Gennady Degtev, CEO of SEZ Technopolis Moscow.

The microcontroller made specifically in Russia has a RISC-V open architecture-based core. It is a 32-bit MK32AMUR, developed by NIIMA Progress. It has a built-in cryptographic protection so that it can be fully used in critical infrastructure and facilities with high-security standards.

"The Russian first-level component base is now available to developers of OpenSource solutions in general, and the RISC-V ecosystems in particular. The first sample plates are already passing the necessary tests. The MK32 AMUR is the first fully domestic RISC-V microcontroller to be presented: It is in Russia where the whole cycle of design and development took place. It is already clear how high the market interest is, that it is more than 200 requests have been received from manufacturers of various equipment. Those are metering devices, telemetry, cash registers, medical equipment, road infrastructure, robotics. Then, we have also made it possible to make a contract and delivery terms choice, starting from October 2022. That is for everyone who is interested in localization of their devices and devices in the RISC-V ecosystem," said Gulnara Khasianova, Mikron General Manager.

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