A resident of the special economic zone Technopolis Moscow presented a new version of the washer-disinfection machine, which will facilitate the care of medical products and reduce the level of infections in medical practice as informed by Gennady Degtev, CEO of SEZ Technopolis Moscow.

A compact unit from TZMOI JSC is a machine that fully automates the process of washing and disinfecting products in pharmaceutical, veterinary, medical and dental practice. Its basic version proved to be effective, and in 2021, the model was modernized. Now the machine is a versatile constructor for work in various configurations: with a heat-resistant glass viewing window or on a stainless steel base. It can also integrate a printer for recording disinfection cycles or an additional dosing pump for chemicals.

“A powerful cluster of medical technologies has been developed in the capital's SEZ including more than 20 companies. Among its results are innovative systems for cleaning and disinfecting medical supplies. In a pandemic, the need for such technologies has increased dramatically, and the functional condition of medical instruments has become especially important. Over the past year, TZMOI delivered 250 units of infection control equipment to all regions of the country, which is 15% more than in 2019, ”said Gennady Degtev.

The entire production cycle of the updated washer-disinfector was created at the manufacturing site of the plant on the territory of SEZ Technopolis Moscow underlined Alexander Prosviryakov, CEO of TZMOI.

“Full localization of production on the territory of the special economic zone of the capital made it possible to improve technical and operational characteristics, improve product quality, and shorten production and delivery. The domestically produced equipment surpasses foreign analogues in its technical characteristics. The new model was formed taking into account all the needs and requests we received in feedback from the customers ”, pointed out Alexander Prosviryakov.

Among the main advantages of the new model PHS MD-150 are an intuitive interface and easy maintenance. With a wide range of inserts, the unit can handle a wide variety of medical devices. It is suitable for washing, disinfecting and pre-sterilization cleaning of instruments, medical and anesthetic supplies, microsurgical and endoscopic equipment, tubes and hoses, laboratory glassware and shoes. This development contributes to the implementation of one of the key goals of the National Project "Health", namely, the introduction of "lean technologies" in medical organizations. It will help reduce the consumption of water and detergents and increase the lifespan of medical devices.

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