An innovative sports complex, able to transform from an ice arena into a shooting area, has been opened in the Dmitrovsky district of the Moscow region, it was designed and built by a company located in the territory of SEZ Technopolis Moscow as informed by Gennady Degtev , CEO of SEZ Technopolis Moscow.

The new sports complex is one of the examples of the work of the Evrial Group of Companies, which has been locating its design bureau and construction and engineering company for a year in the special economic zone of Moscow at the Alabushevo site.

“During the year of operation, the company has increased the volume of completed projects by 30%, and for the creation of the ice complex was awarded the Sportsfacilities 2020-2021 prize for the implementation of technologies and innovations in the design and construction of a sports facility. At the Alabushevo site, about 20 companies hold a lease of more than 5 thousand square meters office areas. A ready-made modern space and a well-functioning infrastructure of the Moscow SEZ allow companies to comfortably implement their ideas ”, pointed out Gennady Degtev.

A new facility with a total area of ​​more than 4 thousand sq. m. is located on the territory of Europe's largest shooting complex in the village of Ignatovo, Moscow Region. The Ice Palace, which was designed and built by the employees of the Evrial Group of Companies, has unique characteristics: it can easily be converted into a shooting competition room. This is the first sports facility of this type in Russia.

According to Egor Vyaznikov, CEO of the Evrial Group of Companies the new sports complex includes a number of unique engineering solutions.

“The ice palace can be easily transformed into a shooting range. The stands are lined up on the short side of the ice rink for the safety of spectators, who are located behind the shooters' backs during the competition. Two automatic movable beams with a span of 33 meters help the shooters to focus on the targets, from where special banner curtains are lowered ”, cleared out the Head of the company.

The new sports facility is equipped with an automatic climate control system: without human assistance, the system assesses the temperature outside and inside the two-story building. It determines when to turn on the heating devices and regulate their power. Thus, two climatic zones are automated: on the ice the temperature is maintained at + 5 ° C, and in the stands - much higher, as comfortable as possible for the audience. The recuperation system allows transferring heat energy from the operation of the cooling unit to heating the building. The project also includes the ability to increase the building's capacity from 180 to 800 spectators and transform it for other needs.

Evrial Group of Companies has been working in construction and design of prefabricated buildings based on metal structures for more than ten years. The company was recognized as the best small enterprise in the field of construction according to the results of the Golden Mercury 2020 competition of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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