In the first three months of 2021 residents of the special economic zone of Moscow delivered abroad products for a total of 248 million rubles, which is 2.7 times more than in the same period last year, said Vladimir Efimov, Vice-Mayor of Moscow for Economic policy and Land-property affairs.

"In the first quarter of this year, export volume of SEZ residents amounted to 248 million rubles, which is 2.7 times higher than in the same period in 2020. Moreover, compared to January-March 2019, deliveries increased by 4.5 times. Every eighth resident of the Moscow special economic zone was an exporter", - said the Vice-Mayor.

Manufacturers of microelectronics and fiber-optic equipment were the most active in exports in the first quarter of 2021.

"Enterprises of this cluster accounted for more than 68% of the total volume of exports, sending abroad products for over 164 million rubles. More than a quarter of the supplies fell for inspection equipment and lithium-ion batteries. The export portfolio of the special economic zone also includes composite materials, cutting tools, disinfection and training equipment as well as pharmaceutical goods", - told Alexander Prokhorov, Head of the Department for Investment and Industrial policy of Moscow.

The geography of shipments from the Moscow special economic zone covers several dozens of countries, with new destinations appearing regularly.

"The products of the residents of the capital SEZ are purchased in Europe - Switzerland, Germany, France, Lithuania, the Netherlands, in Asia - China, South Korea, Japan, and also USA and Canada. Contacts with Middle East partners are also developing”, added Gennady Degtev, CEO of SEZ Technopolis Moscow.

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