The company Mikron, a resident of a special economic zone in Moscow, a manufacturer and exporter of microelectronics will begin to promote its products in Turkmenistan under a cooperation agreement with one of the leading  manufactures of electrical equipment in this country, said Alexander Prokhorov, Head of the Department for Investment and Industrial policy of Moscow.

"Among all the solutions created in the SEZ Moscow microelectronics products are in the highest demand in foreign markets. They provide more than half of all export deliveries from the SEZ, the total volume of which last year amounted to 1.2 billion rubles. The new direction will strengthen the export potential of the special economic zone of the capital and expand the presence of its advanced developments in foreign markets", - said the Head of the Department.

According to CEO  of SEZ  Technopolis Moscow  Gennady Degtev, the agreement on cooperation and implementation of joint technological projects was signed by Mikron and the company Aydin Gijeler.

"The agreements provide for the joint development and implementation of projects in object identification, marking of industrial goods, access control and management systems (ACS), electronic documents, smart cards and RFID products," he explained.

The capital's SEZ resident has its own RFID laboratory. Over 30 new products and modifications of various RFID tags are launched into serial production each year.

Mikron's products work successfully in different countries and the company is open for new partnerships. "In cooperation with Aidyn Gidjeler, projects can be implemented on the basis of Mikron's existing serial products as well as new developments customized for Turkmenistan," said Gulnara Khasyanova, CEO  of Mikron JSC.

Khydyrberdi Ata Abdurakhmanov, CEO  of Aydin Gijeler, stated that the company is growing and expanding its focus areas.

"Having started with the production of street lights, energy-saving lamps and led lights, we have already mastered smart TVs, cell phones, routers and other types of electronic products. In cooperation with Mikron, we plan to develop object and personal identification, which have great potential for effective application," he said.

Mikron's range of radio-frequency tags (RFID products) includes several modifications of tags for metal surfaces used in logistics and infrastructure systems, tags for clothing tagging providing automated goods accounting and traceability. The company has mastered more than 200 types of tags and modifications (tags, cards, inlays, tags, marking devices and products) with different set of technical characteristics and properties depending on tasks, conditions and application scenarios. The largest manufacturer and exporter of microelectronic products has its own RFID laboratory. Mikron's product portfolio also includes chip modules for identification documents and bank documents on microchips of its own production. More than 30 new products and modifications are launched into batch production every year.

Aydyn Gijeler (Aýdyň gijeler) is one of the first companies launched under the State Program for the creation of the electronic and electrical industry in Turkmenistan. Created in 2016 together with the Ministry of Industry and Construction Production, the company produces lighting systems, various types of electronic equipment and household appliances.

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