The new tenant of SEZ Technopolis Moscow - the company R&D Center "HiTech", will invest 40 million rubles in the creation of video conference systems by 2022 as informed by Alexander Prokhorov, Head of the Department for Investment and Industrial policy of Moscow.

“The company received the status of a resident of SEZ Technopolis Moscow this March. It focuses on the developments of unified communications and AI. At the SEZ site in Pechatniki, the company is working on a project to create and market hardware and software systems for video conferencing. The total volume of investments will reach 40 million rubles by 2022”, said the Head of the Department.

According to Gennady Degtev, CEO of SEZ Technopolis Moscow the new resident company has worked in Pechatniki since 2018.

“The company's developments are intended to replace foreign platforms and video conferencing terminals currently used by Russian enterprises, medical and educational institutions, as well as by executive authorities. Now the location quotient of the production has already reached about 60 percent”, he added.

As the General Director of HiTech Alexey Alyasev notes, the status of a resident makes it possible to become a full member of the technological community, which is formed in the special economic zone of Moscow.

The incentives of SEZ Technopolis Moscow will reduce the tax burden. The saved funds we will be able to invest in new developments, including in the field of communications for remote communication, which has become particularly topical recently.

HiTech is an R&D center focusing on applied studies is conducted, the development of a number of product lines in the field of unified communications, including specific versions of products for law enforcement agencies, and AI.

In total, more than 20 high-tech companies are located in the cluster of information and communication technologies in the special economic zone of the capital. They are engaged in the development of IT solutions for storage, transmission and protection of information, as well as the production of specialized equipment. 

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