The X International Vet Congress will be held at the site of the special economic zone Technopolis Moscow in Pechatniki from 20 to 23 April. The event includes an open presentation of the first Russian vaccine against COVID-19 for animals developed by scientists of the Federal Center for Animal Health under Rosselkhoznadzor, as informed by Gennady Degtev, CEO of SEZ Technopolis Moscow.

The event will discuss veterinary support for the production of livestock products, trends in the production and use of veterinary drugs, feed additives and feedstuff, and will pay special attention to the industry's transition to the use of digital technologies.

“The International Vet Congress, held at the site of SEZ Technopolis Moscow this year, is a place of attraction for innovations in the domestic agro-industrial sector. This is in tune with the mission of the special economic zone of the capital, where breakthrough solutions are being developed and used in many branches of science and industry, including livestock breeding”, pointed out Gennady Degtev.

According to him, capital's SEZ locates manufacturers of technological products for veterinary medicine and livestock breeding. For example, Mikron has launched the production of cattle monitoring devices using a mobile application, web interface or SMS-notifications, as well as mass production of new radio-frequency tiny electronic ear tags S-Tag 3D Animal for marking animals. In addition, in Pechatniki a new production of vaccines, serums and test systems for animals is being created by Vetbioсhem company.  

The congress participants will also get acquainted with new principles of diagnosis and prevention of animal diseases and current changes in legislation in the field of veterinary medicine. In addition, the event includes a round table devoted to the modern bio pharmacy trends.

Among online attendees are representatives of the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), scientists from the leading global institutions in the field of veterinary medicine, animal breeding and biotechnology, as well as Russian industry associations - the National Union of Pig Breeders, the National Union of Poultry Breeders, the National Feed Union and the National Union milk producers. Veterinary experts from foreign countries - the USA, Belgium, Poland, Denmark, Holland, Turkey and China. The event is organized by the National Veterinary Association.

To learn more about the program of the X International Veterinary Congress and leave an application for participation in the event, please follow this link 

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