The Beshterek-Zuisky water intake has been launched in Crimea, and part of its equipment was supplied and installed by VDK, located on the territory of the Technopolis Moscow SEZ as informed by Gennady Degtev, CEO of SEZ Technopolis Moscow.

“The equipment of the capital’s company VDK is used in all federal districts of the country and provide people with clean water. Now in Crimea, at the Beshterek-Zuisky water intake, there is a pumping station equipped and debugged by the company. The complex comprises seven pumps, manifolds, hydraulic expansion joints and various shut-off and control valves, as well as a power supply and control system for the entire station. Today it operates in partial flow mode and will reach full capacity within a month and a half. Beshterek-Zuisky water intake will provide residents of Simferopol with clean water”, he said.

An integrated pumping station weighing 35 tons pumps water extracted from wells that are 400 meters deep. The unit was designed and delivered by VDK specialists in just three months. In addition, the company manufactures and supplies for Beshterek-Zuisky a containerized electrolysis system designed for water disinfection.

According to Maxim Novikov, VDK commercial director, the company is successfully developing not only the production and supply of equipment, but also the integrated automation and power supply of the relevant facilities, offers a whole range of services for fine-tuning and optimizing the operation of existing facilities.

“The goals of providing the population with clean and safe water, as well as preserving water resources, are gaining popularity nowadays, and many city utilities and industrial enterprises are modernizing their water supply and sewerage systems. Today we are working on the implementation of water supply, water treatment and wastewater treatment facilities throughout Russia in the constituent entities of the Central Federal District, in the Urals, in Irkutsk and further eastward to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. We offer equipment designed and made in Moscow, which is no worse than the best Western counterparts. Clean water is a matter of national well-being and security”, said Maxim Novikov.

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