Schneider Electric's technological solutions in the field of energy management and industrial automation, implemented on the territory of SEZ Technopolis Moscow, will be presented at the Innovation Summit Moscow. The event will take place in the capital city from 27 to 29 April 2021 as informed by Gennady Degtev, CEO of SEZ Technopolis Moscow.

Innovation Summit Moscow will be dedicated to “Digital and Sustainable Future Today” and will bring together world and Russian experts at plenary and industrial sessions, seminars, strategic discussions, as well as on a special online platform. The organizer is Schneider Electric company operating on the territory of the Moscow SEZ.

“Within the framework of the Innovation Summit Moscow, the latest solutions of Schneider Electric for various sectors of the economy will be presented, including the work of the company on the territory of the Special Economic Zone Technopolis Moscow. With the help of virtual tours and interactive panels, the work of the Equipment Modernization Center (Retrofit Center), the Repair Center, and the Training and Professional Development Center will be demonstrated. This will allow the event participants to get acquainted with the capabilities of the company based on SEZ Technopolis Moscow and evaluate the contribution of the special economic zone to the development of Schneider Electric solutions”, pointed out Gennady Degtev.

The international company Schneider Electric, an expert in energy management and industrial automation, has been operating at the SEZ site in Pechatniki since 2014. On the territory of almost 8 thousand square meters in specialized centers, work is underway to repair, upgrade equipment and train specialists.

Thus, in the Retrofit Center, the company's specialists are upgrading distribution equipment using modern solutions for medium and low voltage circuit breakers, contactors and protective relays. The repair center carries out maintenance of uninterruptible power systems, industrial controllers, servo drives and other equipment.

At the training center, Schneider Electric conducts trainings for leading enterprises and partner companies in the Russian and CIS markets. Every year, more than 18,000 people gain practical skills from the best experts in their industry in the areas of industrial automation, energy management, building automation and security, IT and more. In addition, over 500 training courses are available on Schneider's innovative 4U cloud-based training platform - from face-to-face courses to virtual classrooms with live equipment and interactive online courses.

Schneider Electric implements major projects in the field of power supply throughout Russia, and cooperates with other companies in the special economic zone of Moscow. An example of such cooperation is joint work with the resident of SEZ Technopolis Moscow, the company European Electronics.

The company points out that sustainable development is one of the top priorities of Schneider Electric. Its goal is to make the most of energy and resources by integrating progress and sustainable development. The competencies of the international company are recognized in Russia at a high level. So, in March 2021, it came out that Schneider Electric will become a member of the Expert Council for Sustainable Development under the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, attracting new practices, technologies and standards to the country to achieve sustainable development goals.

In Russia, Schneider Electric has an extensive production and service infrastructure: 5 factories, 2 innovation centers, offices in 35 largest cities. The volume of investments over the past 10 years has exceeded one billion euros. More than 60% of the products supplied to Russian customers are manufactured in Russia. 

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