An Open Day was held at the ABB Russia Industrial Robotics Center located in the special economic zone Technopolis Moscow. In the renovated showroom, the capabilities of the most popular models of the center's robots were demonstrated as informed by Gennady Degtev, CEO of SEZ Technopolis Moscow.


“The entire exposition of the center is of interest to specialists - a palletizing robot, a delta robot, a collaborative robot YuMi, as well as robots designed for milling and welding. The showroom with the equipment is just a part of the ABB Russia Industrial Robotics Center, opened in 2016, which comfortably complements the ecosystem of the Moscow SEZ, meeting the demands of innovative industrialists for new technology and knowledge. The Technopolis Moscow site also houses an engineering and service center for industrial automation using robots and a training center where enterprise specialists are trained in working with industrial robotic systems and industrial automation systems", said Gennady Degtev.


A striking example of the educational work of the Center is the robotics programming competition for students. The winners will be announced at the end of December this year. Finalists will receive certificates for training, and the most technologically advanced and non-standard projects will appear on the PRO Robots YouTube channel, where their authors will be able to tell about themselves and their work.


In addition to the education, the Industrial Robotics Center directly works with enterprises, carries out the design of robotic systems.


“The main task of our Industrial Robotics Center is to conduct a technical audit and find the most effective solutions for specific customers. Based on the expertise of our specialists and the international experience of the company, we successfully solve these problems”, said Alexander Novoselov, the Head of Robotics Department at ABB Russia.


ABB is a global technology leader in electrical, robotics, automation and drive technology. It has been working in Russia for over 30 years. The company's robots find their application in various industries and are used to automate various types of operations: machining, maintenance of a machine tool park, moving bulky goods, assembling small electronic components, work in "clean rooms" of industrial complexes of the pharmaceutical, electronic and food industries.



About 1.5 thousand of the company's robots "work" at Russian enterprises. Significant projects include quality control of insulin pens production at the Novo Nordisk plant in the Kaluga Region, palletizing of refractory products at the Satka production site of the Magnezit Group in the Chelyabinsk Region, assembly and soldering of flexible loops of electronic boards for StarLine automobile security systems in the Leningrad Region and a robotic line for flanging body elements at the Renault plant in Moscow.


Robots are also very active in the food industry. Thus, the company's robotic systems automated the production process of the Cherkizovo meat processing plant in Kashira, the Vologda dairy plant and the MolProduct plant in the Moscow region, as well as the Danone plant in Chekhov near Moscow and the Unilever plant in the Tula region.


The introduction of robotic solutions allows companies to increase productivity, improve the quality of technological operations, transfer workers from hazardous to health and repetitive work to more intelligent and important tasks, and optimize the workspace. Thanks to robotic systems and automation, production reaches a completely new level, corresponding to "Industry 4.0". Thus, according to the company's experts, depending on the initial level of production automation, the customer can increase the productivity of industrial lines from 25% to multiples.

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