Students of the Moscow State Education Complex (MGOK), with Industrial Chair located on the territory of the capital's special economic zone, complete their training according to a special program formed according to the requests of the capital's pharmaceutical company R-Pharm. In the near future they will become employees of the enterprise as informed by Alexander Prokhorov, Head of the Department for Investment and Industrial policy of Moscow.


A special target group of students of the Complex was formed in September this year on the basis of MGOK at the request of a pharmaceutical company. The program is designed until December: the training has already ended, an internship is underway, as a result of which graduates are guaranteed to get a job.


“There are now about 30 large and medium-sized pharmaceutical companies operating in Moscow. The demand for qualified personnel in the industry is high, therefore such a program may be of interest to a number of enterprises. This is the first experience of training a group of students for the requests of a specific pharmaceutical enterprise, but there are already first results: almost 20 students have successfully completed the training and will soon become employees of the enterprise, they have already signed employment contracts”, mentioned Alexander Prokhorov.


Based on the needs of manufacturers in the training of personnel, including middle management, the program "Industrial Pharmaceuticals" was created at MGOK, revealed Gennady Degtev, CEO of SEZ Technopolis Moscow.


“At the moment, there is an acute shortage of mid-level workers in the field of industrial pharmaceuticals. Most of the representatives of this sector are university graduates, and not only pharmacists are required, but also specialists in the operation of technological equipment, the development of technological processes. In this regard, there is a need for training and internship of highly qualified personnel at the specific request of the employer. This practice is carried out by the Moscow State Education Complex with a Industrial Chair in SEZ Technopolis Moscow”, added Gennady Degtev.


Igor Artemyev, Director of MGOK specified that annually only at the Department of Pharmacy 400 students undergo specialized training.


The need for the medical pharmaceutical cluster of SEZ Technopolis Moscow for the next five years is estimated at the level of 1,500-2,000 specialists for newly created production facilities and for expanding the existing capacities of residents and companies operating at the sites of the special economic zone. Among them are such pharmaceutical industries as Biocad, Bright Way Industries, Oncotarget, Meleta, Amedart, R-Opra (a subsidiary of R-Pharm).


In particular, the resident company Amedart, which launched the production of 17 types of essential medicines at the site in Pechatniki this year, is interested in training personnel with the assistance of SEZ Technopolis Moscow.


“Today, there are agreements with a number of leading Moscow universities. Every month more than 20 interns, students of the Russian Chemical Technical University named after Mendeleev, Medical University. Sechenov, Moscow State University Lomonosov, RUDN, Russian State University named after Gubkin, MITHT (MIREA) and others, participate in the work of the company. Basically, production requires chemists and technologists. After the internship, we employ young specialists, but more than 200 people are still required”, says Andrey Kolokoltsev, CEO of Amedart.


Vadim Zubarev, advisor to the COE of the pharmaceutical companies Meleta and OncoTarget, which localize in Pechatniki, estimates the need for personnel at 400 people.


“In the nearest future, about 260 specialists are planned to be employed at the OncoTarget enterprise and 140 jobs will be created at the Meleta company, among them mainly production workers: chemists-technologists, analysts, specialists who will directly deal with the production of drugs and pharmaceutical substances. The core of the teams has been formed, but the full staff of the production personnel is still required to start production in the second quarter of 2021”, he specified stressing on the readiness for cooperation with the special economic zone in personnel development.


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