Ecopolis Corporation became a laureate of the EcwaTech & WasteTech Awards EWA in the nomination "For Contribution to the Development of the Industry", informed Alexander Prokhorov, Head of the Department of investment and industrial policy of Moscow.

The award ceremony was held within the framework of the largest Russian international exhibition on waste management, environmental technologies, ecology and renewable energy "WasteTech 2020".

Moscow corporation Ecopolis was established in 2017, it is the only high-tech complex of plants in Russia for the ecological processing of electronic and electrical waste.

“The company's technological solutions, which have already proven their effectiveness in practice, have received international recognition. This is the only recycling complex in our country that provides a full cycle of electronic waste recycling. The corporation has three factories, two of them are located in Moscow. They form a single production chain that allows up to 95% of recyclable raw materials to be returned to the economy as secondary materials”, said Alexander Prokhorov.

The EcwaTech & WasteTech Awards EWA was presented for the first time. Its main goal is to identify and promote professional practices in the areas of plumbing, waste management and the environmental sector in Russia and the CIS. Ecopolis became the best among companies and individuals who presented the most “revolutionary” equipment, technologies and programs in the field of water supply and sewerage, waste management and ecology.

“The corporation has worked for three years, but during this time they have managed to debug the entire chain for the disposal of electronic waste. The company is also actively working to create infrastructure for the collection of old electronics from the public and industrial enterprises. Since the beginning of the year, the enterprise has reached an indicator of recycling about 2 thousand tons of electronic waste per month”, noted Gennady Degtev, CEO of SEZ Technopolis Moscow.

One of the corporation's factories - "Ecoplast" - is located on the territory of the SEZ Technopolis Moscow, where up to 25 thousand tons of mixed body plastics can be processed per year, which are again used in the production of packaging films, pipes, containers, parts of technical equipment and household items.

“The Russian processing industry is just emerging. And absolutely everyone is interested in its development - the state, business, and the population. This is especially true for the segment of recycling waste electronic and electrical equipment. After all, e-waste is a source of valuable recyclable resources. It is the processing of electronics into secondary raw materials that can become a driver for the development of a circular economy in our country. Therefore, we consider it very important to popularize the correct attitude to used equipment, that is, its ecological processing with the return to production of the maximum amount of materials”, clarified Maxim Lobanov, CEO of Ecopolis Corporation. 

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