The construction of a plant for the manufacturing of high-speed industrial robots and robotic systems for the automation of production processes, stacking and packaging of FMCG has been launched by a resident company of the special economic zone Technopolis Moscow company Bitrobotics, informed Alexander Prokhorov, Head of the Department of investment and industrial policy of Moscow.

The developments of the company, which appeared in 2018, have already been implemented at some Moscow food industry enterprises. For example, at the Cheryomushki plant in the capital, a robotic system produces about 3600 pastries per hour.

“In Pechatniki, the enterprise will occupy about two thousand square meters. The construction of the plant and the launch of the high-speed industrial robots production with a full cycle of machining, assembly and testing are scheduled by December this year. The annual capacity of the enterprise is about a hundred robotic systems that can be developed for various types of tasks in the production of food, household chemicals, cosmetics and technical products”, specified the Head of the Department.

According to the company, this is the first such production facility in Eastern Europe; the total investment in its implementation is 180 million Rubles.

“The competitiveness of Bitrobotics lies in its own production of all mechanisms of automated systems and technology for their implementation. This allows the company not to depend on import solutions, and also increases its export potential. For example, in future the company plans to cover the markets of Southeast Asia and Europe. The status of a resident obtained in 2019 and the localization of production in the special economic zone Technopolis Moscow provide not only proximity to the main warehouses of components, but also open access to all preferences - a preferential rate on property and transport, reduced income tax and duty-free imports”, said Gennady Degtev, CEO of SEZ Technopolis Moscow.

The use of robotic systems increases the economic efficiency of enterprises believes Svyatoslav Stesin, CEO of Bitrobotics.

 “Automation of industrial systems is relevant for enterprises with high productivity and a wide range of products that can be produced on one line. Their implementation guarantees stable quality of products, effective production planning, and contributes to an overall increase in labor productivity. In the future, our company plans to open training centers and invest in the education of customer service personnel”, said Svyatoslav Stesin. 

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