The Ecopolis Corporation, the only electronic waste processing complex in Russia, celebrates its third anniversary. The Ecopolis industrial complex consists of three enterprises: Ekotekhprom and Ecoplast factories are located in Moscow, and the Aurus plant is located in the Oryol region.

The construction of the factories began in 2017, for the first time the complex accepted recyclables for processing in June 2019. At the moment, both plants are operating in Moscow and commissioning is underway at the plant in the Oryol region.

“Electronic and electrical waste is one of the most toxic and requires particularly careful recycling. According to various estimates, from 150 to 300 thousand tons of such waste per year are generated in Moscow. If the recycling process is correctly adjusted, then up to 95% of scrap can be returned to economic circulation as recyclable materials. At Ekoplast plant in the capital, plastic is converted from gadgets and computers into granules, which are then sent for further processing. As a result, they turn into building materials, consumer goods or can become part of the road surface”, said Alexander Prokhorov, Head of the Department of investment and industrial policy of Moscow.

The factories of Ecopolis corporation are unique in Russia and form a single production chain: used equipment goes to the capital's Ekotechprom, the largest industrial enterprise in Russia and the CIS for the processing of electronic and electrical equipment, where waste is separated into fractions. After commissioning of Aurus plant, copper scrap and printed circuit boards will be sent for disposal to the Oryol region, plastic elements are crushed and sent to Ekoplast.

“Ekoplast plant has been a resident of SEZ Technopolis Moscow since 2019. Now Pechatniki can process up to 25 thousand tons of mixed body plastics a year, and the output is recycled plastic granules. Also, Ecopolis corporation has placed a collection point for used equipment on the territory of Technopolis, which gives the e-waste of tenants and residents a second life. The localization of such a socially responsible enterprise in Moscow SEZ encourages conscious consumption and respect for nature”, pointed out Gennady Degtev, CEO of SEZ Technopolis Moscow.

Ecopolis is ready to extend its experience in creating a production chain to all regions of the country, added Maxim Lobanov, CEO of the corporation.

“I am sure that any industry can be made efficient and competitive in five years. Our country has all necessary resources. In three years, we have created from scratch a high-tech infrastructure for the processing of waste electrical and electronic equipment, adapting the European experience to Russian realities. Technological solutions tested at our enterprises have proven their effectiveness and can be replicated in other regions of the country. Moreover, business interest in the processing industry is growing”, underlined Maxim Lobanov. 

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