Export volume of high-tech products by residents of the special economic zone Technopolis Moscow in 2019 amounted to 326 million Rubles, which is 32 percent more than in 2018, informed Vladimir Efimov, Deputy Mayor of Moscow for economic policy and property and land relations.

“As of the last year, microelectronics manufacturers received the largest proceeds from the sales of products abroad - their volume amounted to 163.93 million Rubles. During the work of the capital's special economic zone, the export of high-tech products of its residents has amounted to more than 615 million Rubles. The demand for innovative products of Technopolis residents has raised in the last two years, most often they export microelectronics, nanotechnological, optical products and educational equipment”, specified Vice-Mayor.

The most popular destinations are the EAEU countries, Asia and Europe, said Alexander Prokhorov, Head of the Department of investment and industrial policy of Moscow.

“Most of the capital’s manufacturers of innovative goods from SEZ Technopolis Moscow export to China, Kazakhstan, Germany, Belarus and Switzerland. Also in 2019 residents of SEZ Technopolis Moscow expanded their distribution geography and began exporting optical elements to Bulgaria, Mongolia, Japan, Mauritius and educational kits to Azerbaijan and Israel. In total, the capital's products produced in Technopolis were exported to 26 countries last year”, added Alexander Prokhorov.

According to Gennady Degtev, CEO of SEZ Technopolis Moscow the increase in export volumes is significantly facilitated by the benefits available to residents of Technopolis.

“In SEZ Technopolis Moscow there are no customs duties and taxes on import of equipment and materials, which are then used in the production of goods exported abroad. Also, the operating scientific and innovative post of Moscow customs at SEZ Technopolis Moscow simplifies customs procedures. Last year, for the first time, educational kits for studying physics, chemistry, biology and the surrounding world were exported from the capital's SEZ to Azerbaijan, Israel and Kazakhstan for a total of 1.18 million Rubles”, he pointed out.

“Today NCC is actively developing sales to foreign markets: supplies of various NCC products cover India, Kuwait, Peru, Mexico, and the USA. In the total sales of NCC, the share of exports exceeds 20%. In 2020, exports continued despite the difficult economic situation. Significant volumes of CarbonWrap products for the restoration and repair of reinforced concrete structures are supplied to Kazakhstan and Belarus for highly important facilities. For example, last July in the Republic of Belarus the largest overpasses were repaired with the use of NCC products: "Baranovichi-Polessky" and "Western Bypass", while last April in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the reconstruction of the largest shopping and entertainment center "Almaly" was completed in Almaty also with the use of NCC products”, shared Alexey Rannev, CEO of NCC Ltd.

“The Profotech company exports digital optical current transformers, digital voltage transformers, combined digital current and voltage transformers. In 2019 the volume of exports amounted to almost 50 million Rubles, products were sent to Canada, Switzerland, Finland and Kazakhstan. This year, the company has already signed contracts for the supply of equipment to the USA and Canada, plans to develop new destinations - China, India, Australia, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates”, – revealed David Kishinevskiy, Deputy CEO of Profotech.