A capital city company VDK launches the production of a new in-home sanitizer. Currently the company is filing patents for the technology and the recipe, informed Alexander Prokhorov, Head of the Department of investment and industrial policy of Moscow.

“In the context of pandemic the city focused on disinfection of industrial surfaces. Today Moscow needs hundreds of tons of concentrated reagents every week, whereas the need of the whole country amounts to thousands of tons. The development of VDK is safe for the environment and 2.5 times more effective than chloride analogues. Now the producer is filing relevant patents for the development. The company is going to release 200 tons of sanitizer per week”, underlined the Head of the Department.

The new sanitizer is supposed to be applied to different surfaces like roads, infrastructural facilities, city squares, as well as water and air – against viruses and micro-organisms, but it cant’s be applied individually for hands.

“Innovation mechanism of sanitizing implies oxygen atoms in chlorine dioxide. VDK experts aimed to develop a recipe based on chemical components produced and generally available in Russia. Such technology provides for big output and avoids risks of the lack of raw materials”, Gennady Degtev, CEO of SEZ Technopolis Moscow.

Customers can receive the sanitizers as well as full cycle automats to produce the liquids. The technologic line is assembled as a packaged unit and can be put into operation with minimum build-up, pointed out Sergey Shagalov, Director of Development of VDK.