The tenant of SEZ Technopolis Moscow has proved the high quality of its goods at the international level. The company Mikron has received the international certificate of a company’s quality management system IATF.

The company Mikron has been a tenant of SEZ Technopolis Moscow since 2015 said Gennady Degtev, CEO of SEZ.

“A cluster of companies involved in microelectronics production is deployed on the territory of SEZ Technopolis Moscow. It is one of our priorities. The fact that our tenant has received an international certificate confirms that the solutions and developments created on the territory of our capital city special economic zone are high-tech and demanded”, underlined Gennady Degtev.

The certificate acknowledges that the production of microcircuits to operate LED equipment started by Mikron in early 2018 is provided with the processes of high organizational and technical level and a modern quality management system pointed out Denis Sergienko, Director of quality control and Business-process development in Mikron company.

“The conformity with the requirements of IATF certificate is necessary for the company to work on the international market of auto electronic which today is one of the most rapidly growing segments in the electronic industry”, added Denis Sergienko.

IATF certificate is valid for three years. It is presented after the results of audit of United Registrar of Systems Ltd, and the Mikron successfully passed it in December, 2018 (1 stage) and in 2019 (2 stage).