The moscow company delivered 3d scanners to South Korea and the UAE

3D scanners from the Moscow software developer and manufacturer of professional three-dimensional scanners will work at a University in Seoul and The Museum of the future in Dubai.

The main advantage of scanners is the software that allows you to quickly and efficiently scan people and does not require further improvement in third-party programs. At the University of Seoul, the scanner will be used to train students in departments related to 3D graphics and design, and at the Dubai Museum, the device will be part of an exhibition about digital technologies of the future.

"We support high-tech companies in Moscow in their quest to enter the international market. Total exports of high-tech products amounted to $ 10,855. 96 million US $ for the period January-November 2019. The growth was 11.45% compared to the same period in 2018. Texel 3D scanners are included in the list of the best full-size 3D scanners according to the independent French rating Agency Aniwaa. For such companies, the Technopolis Moscow special economic zone provides the most modern infrastructure and the opportunity to develop and work in promising markets abroad”,- said Alexander Prokhorov, head of the Department of investment and industrial policy of Moscow.

According to Maxim Fedyukov, CEO of Texel, Moscow 3D scanners are much cheaper to maintain due to their convenient design for Assembly and commissioning.

"Different models of scanners were delivered to customers. Texel Portal MX compact 3D scanner for color scanning of people, which makes a three-dimensional digital model in just 90 seconds, was delivered to South Korea. The UAE has got a larger Texel Portal BX model. This complex consists of a scanner and our company's SOFTWARE: the scanner analyzes a person standing on the platform in 30 seconds, then special algorithms turn the scan results into a realistic 3D model in 1 minute in the Texel Cloud”, - Maxim Fedyukov said.

Three-dimensional models obtained on Texel scanners can be used for 3D printing or integration into other services (send by mail, share in social networks, upload to AR/VR systems, a computer game or a virtual fitting room).

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