The Moscow enterprise has carried out delivery of orthopedic footwear to China for the first time

Resident of the SEZ Technopolis Moscow entered the Chinese market, becoming an exporter of shoes for people with complex foot deformities. Orthomoda, which has been successfully operating in Russia for almost twenty years, entered the Chinese market and has already carried out the first pilot delivery of infant orthopedic shoes to Gansu province at the end of 2019. All products were produced at the digital factory Ortomoda in Moscow in accordance with the requirements of national standards and packed in accordance with strict export rules.

"The Moscow government has always paid special attention to socially oriented business. The Ortomoda company is the largest Russian non-state industrial enterprise in this industry and provides products to 20 thousand people with disabilities a year. Entering the international market is largely connected with the effective use of the benefits that are given by the status of SEZ resident”, - said Vladimir Efimov, Deputy mayor of Moscow for economic policy and property and land relations.

"The signing of the contract with China by Ortomoda at the end of December was a pleasant new year's surprise for everyone. According to the results of 10 months of 2019, China ranks sixth in terms of non-raw non-energy exports of the capital. During this period, the export of Moscow non-raw non-energy products to China was increased by 60.4% and amounted to 1.1 billion US dollars”, - said the Alexandr Prokhorov, the Head Of the Department of investment and industrial policy of Moscow.

Delivery of infant orthopedic shoes in China was the first step in the implementation of the company's plans to enter the markets of foreign countries and start active foreign economic activity. The party includes shoes of the model range First steps, winter orthopedic shoes and complex orthopedic shoes for children with cerebral palsy.

Galina Volkova, CEO of Orthomoda does not plan to stop there and in the future intends to expand the geography and volume of deliveries of products. It is quite possible to achieve the desired result, since the interest of Chinese partners and the potential high demand of the Chinese market for high-quality orthopedic shoes is already obvious. All this makes it possible to predict the implementation of the company's plan to export its products in 2020. To achieve these goals in the first half of this year, Orthomoda organizes training of Chinese specialists and doctors on its base, and in October and November will present its products at international exhibitions in Beijing and Moscow.

"The export of Russian orthopedic shoes to China is an absolute breakthrough”, - comments Alexander Lysenko, the Chairman of the Russian part of the Russian-Chinese Council for disabled people, President Of the Association of rehabilitation industry enterprises – "and of course, we are grateful to The Chinese Federation of disabled people and the government of Moscow for supporting the project”.

In Russia Orthomoda produces orthopedic shoes since 2001. The company is listed in the base of exporting companies and the Moscow export catalog.


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