The resident of the capital's SEZ expanded the range of partners for the development of innovative solutions in the energy sector

During the international forum Electric networks - 2019, which was held at the VDNKH site from 3 to 6 December, the capital company Profotech increased the number of its partners in the development of unique innovative solutions in the energy sector. Cooperation agreements were signed with JSC VO Electroapparat and LLC ABB Electric Networks. The creation of new technological solutions within the framework of the expanded partnership is aimed at meeting the growing needs for digitalization of Russian industrial companies.

Within the framework of the international forum Electric networks-2019 the solemn signing of the cooperation agreement between JSC Profotech and joint Stock company of high-voltage equipment Electroapparat took place. The parties are interested in long-term partnership for the purpose of production, testing, technical support and service of high-voltage complete switchgear with gas isolation (CPE) for voltage classes 110-330 kV with digital current measuring transformers.

An agreement was also signed between JSC Profotech and LLC ABB Electric Networks. The companies have already started implementing a project on joint development, testing and promotion of high-voltage compact modules on the basis of switches with electronic measuring current transformers (TT) and voltage transformers (TN) on the Russian market. The parties agreed on the pilot implementation of innovative devices and systems at the facilities of the power grid complex. Manufacturers will provide technical support and maintenance of electrical equipment.

"The status of a SEZ Technopolis Moscow resident enables Profotech to reduce the volume of tax payments and other payments up to 47%. The released funds allowed the company to invest in the development of new production, as well as in the development and implementation of innovative solutions both independently and in cooperation with partners. Profotech has already established itself as a Creator of unique technological solutions for the Russian energy sector. The expansion of the list of partners in the country is proof of the planned development of the company, its willingness to share ideas and invest their resources in new technologies”, - said Alexander Prokhorov, the head Of the Department of investment and industrial policy of Moscow.

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