Digitisation to facilitate Moscow's development

Smart technology has reduced gas consumption, keeping electricity consumption at the level of nine years ago.

All the conditions necessary to address digitisation issues are being provided in Moscow, as reported by First Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Housing, Utilities and Amenities Pyotr Biryukov at Russian Energy Week 2019. 

"Today the life support system management should start from flats, from particular consumers. The relevant activates are underway at the Level of the Moscow Government and all our systems,' Pyotr Biryukov added.

Our major priorities are remote data collection, the use of intelligence, and standby capacity connection issues. In addition, an urban economy management centre is being created, with the cutting-edge technology applied. It is to open in 2.5 years.

According to Pyotr Biryukov, digitisation is a must for enterprises.

‘This should be a primary concern for the fuel and energy sector. We are talking about the issues of heat, electricity, water supply, sewerage, gas supply and so on,' he added.

Pyotr Biryukov noted that the digitisation has already some visible feedback, such as a decrease in operating expenses. Grid losses fell from 8 to 5.3%. At the same time, electricity consumption remains at the same level.

‘Despite the fact that the urban real estate area annually increases by about 9 million sq m, electricity consumption remains the same as nine years ago. Gas consumption is reduced due to smart technology. We have reduced gas consumption by more than 30%,' Pyotr added.

Digitisation allows for prompt response to malfunctions of gas supply system, with average trouble-shooting time reduced to 1.5 min.

'The system activates automatically, and shuts off gas at once. A lot of work has been done to make it that easy, with six systems of gas-generating stations refitted in six years,' Pyotr Biryukov said.

Also, digitisation was very useful at Medvedevskaya high-voltage power substation of MOESK PJSC constructed with smart technology applied. 

Source: https://www.mos.ru/en/news/item/63089073/ 

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